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Best 2021 City Building Games Where You Can Play God

Best 2021 City Building Games Where You Can Play God

City Building Games are full of phenomenal landscaping powers and impossible tools. They awaken the players’ creativity.  It is a genre that has come into its own in recent years. This is mainly due to the introduction of some new games that have captivated the audience. Let’s have a look:

1. Jurassic World Evolution-2: is a single-player, city-building game. It has a unique and flexible game mode which makes it very interesting for the players. The Chaos Theory and customization of the dinosaurs are its high points.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 - City Building Games

2. Timberborn: Captivating visuals, music, and novel buildings entrance the players for hours. Beavers of Timberton are better builders than any human ever. In Timberborn, there are two playable factions- Iron Teeth, the industrialists, and Folktails, the keen environmentalists.

Timberborn - Builder Beavers

3. Oxygen Not Included: The task is to build a habitable, self-sufficient society on an asteroid. It is a survival game, which presents one negative on every production. If left unattended, it will destroy the colony.

Oxygen Not Included- City Building Games

4. Frostpunk: All construction is based around a heat generator. The player is pitted against the ever-present cold. It has spell-binding features and top of the line mechanical features embedded in the game. These keep the players enthralled and ensure an excellent climax for the players.

Frostpunk - forever Cold

5. Rimworld: It is about three colonists, limited resources, and a colony on a hostile planet. Rimworld has an aura of impending doom that is chaotic and balanced and yet in complete disarray! It keeps the players on edge. The game can be replayed and customized.

RimWorld - City Building Games

6. Factorio: It is a simple game about building a factory in a new world after a crash landing there. Factorio also uses the sandbox approach to allow its users to explore innumerable and unimaginable options. It is one of the best in the city building games genre.

Factorio -

7. Cities: Skylines: It is the king of the most realistic city building games. Cities is also a titan in the genre. It is a complex game with many manipulations and options for the player. The sandbox approach allows innumerable options and discoveries due to the forever unfolding mechanics.

Cities: Skylines - City Building Games

8. Dyson Sphere Program: It is a fine-tuned, smooth and grand game. It is a space game where you create a planet and then move on to creating galaxies!

Dyson Sphere Program

9. Northgard: It is a fantastical, mythical World of Vikings that is full of giants and Valkyries. It is in line with the other RTS games and offers simple war options. It has both single-player and multi-player versions. Northgard is not like other hardcore games where actions per minute are linked to the player’s skill. It is slow and steady. Northgard allows the player to learn and remain engaged (Rock Paper Shotgun’s review)

Northgard - city Building games

10. Dorfromantik: It is a hypnotizing and enjoyable game. It involves placing one hexagonal tile after another, like a giant puzzle. The result is a beautiful or efficient landscape, depending on the player’s vision. A charming soundtrack and mesmerizing visuals always coax the player to place one more tile.


11. Airborne Kingdom: The players create a city on a spaceship that is touring in space. The skyship city needs to be balanced so that it stays afloat in space. The pace of this city building game is masterfully done. It also has short-term, daily, and  long-term goals. It keeps the player engrossed over a while.

Airborne Kingdom - City Building Games


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