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The Best Episode of Each Season of Rick & Morty

rick and morty
rick and morty

With the most recent season of Rick & Morty has started over the last few weeks, it seems like a good time to take a look back at what we’ve had so far, and pinpoint the best episodes of each of the five seasons… at least in our opinion. Yours may differ, or it may be the same, but either way, it’s hard to deny that for the most part, Rick & Morty has been pretty consistent over its five-season run so far.

Season One – Meeseeks and Destroy

rick & morty
‘Existence is pain…’

“Rick provides the family with a solution to their problems, freeing him up to go on an adventure led by Morty.”

Back in season one, we the audience got introduced to the Meeseeks box. A box with a single button on it, push it and a Mr. Meeseeks poofs into existence, his entire reason for existing to be to complete whatever inane task you provide him. Naturally, as it seems to be a running theme throughout the series, Jerry’s simple request seems to take a turn that nearly causes a catastrophe, with tens of Mr. Meeseeks unable to take two shots from his golf game. In their relatively long life, for them at least, they figure the only way to complete their task is to ‘take all shots from his game’, by murdering Jerry. Poor Jerry.

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Season Two – Total Rickall

rick & morty
The family got bigger… momentarily.

“The Smith house is locked down after parasites threaten to take over the world by multiplying through flashbacks.”

This is one of the best episodes of the series as a whole, let alone season two. Whilst it was close with Rixty Minutes, Total Rickall just has that little bit more. From the cast of weird and wonderful characters that appear, including Jerry’s new paramour Sleepy Jerry, the episode doesn’t let up from start to finish. It also gave us Mr. Poopybutthole, so that’s always a winner.

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Season Three – Rest and Ricklaxation

rick & morty
All the worst of the already crappy Rick in one place…

“Following a stressful adventure, Rick and Morty go on a break to a spa where they remove their toxins, which in turn take a form of their own.”

Who’d have thought a version of both Rick and Morty without their toxic traits would be so humorous? Watching Morty fully flourish and become almost too healthy a person mentally, succeeding in his personal and professional life, and momentarily moving passed his crush on Jessica made for a surprising turn. Plus Rick fighting Rick never gets old or boring. Usually, he’s fighting other Ricks in Rick & Morty, but this time it was his other half of himself.

Season Four – The Vat of Acid Episode

rick & morty
Morty realizes he’s bitten off more than he could chew.

“Rick & Morty go on a simple exchange as Rick tells Morty if something goes wrong jump into the same vat of acid as he does.”

One of many episodes that portray a genuine connection for the characters, this time Morty, and advances some character development just for it all to be pulled away at the last moment, The Vat of Acid Episode contains a seemingly innocuous invention of Rick’s, allowing Morty to ‘save his place’. As any kid would do, he uses this to commit pranks, crimes, and more, before meeting a young girl, falling in love and then losing it all after an airplane crash.

Season Five – Mort Dinner Rick Andre

rick & morty
Morty and his damn wine…

“Rick hosts dinner for his ocean-dwelling nemesis, while Morty gets the wine.”

Most of the episodes of the series as a whole don’t focus on what happens to the people or civilizations once Rick and Morty are finished with them, Rick even mentions in another episode ‘why do you think we don’t return after an adventure?’. Well, this episode shows the consequences of their interactions and much more. What ends up being a few minutes during a date with Jessica ends up being hundreds of years worth of a feud with another group of aliens, the unwitting victims to Morty and his wine needs.


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Season six is now starting, so no doubt we’ll be treated to some more fantastic episodes of the most messed up sci-fi duo, but for now, these are my picks for the best episodes of each season so far. What would you have chosen, and why?

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