Best Movie Couples According To Reddit


Everyone has their favorite movie couples, and if it’s only possible, we want to see them work together all the time. There are many tandems in the movie industry, but only a few special ones have got that perfect chemistry that never fades no matter how many years have gone by.

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The romance between these on-screen couples is something that fans always look forward to. The way they deliver their lines and emotional scenes seem too real to think that everything is just a piece of the story. Reddit users share their favorite movie couples and why they ‘ship’ them so bad:


Sebastian And Mia (La La Land)

La La Land movie couples

Sebastian and Mia’s relationship in La La Land is one of the most mature stories ever portrayed in movies. They both share a love for music and the creative industry, and this is why they were so good together. Both of them are supportive of each other’s passions enough to give space for both of them to grow.


Even though it ended in a bittersweet way, their relationship depicts modern romance. Reddit fan Nitsua-Nat said that “the ending just kinda made their relationship in the movie way more interesting/heartbreaking,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Jesse And Celine (Before Sunrise)

Before Sunset movie couples


Jesse and Celine’s first encounter on a train to Vienna led to a life-long search for the meaning of their existence. Their conversations are always so meaningful and thought-provoking. Both of them have a deeper understanding of life and the all-encompassing wonders that surround it.

Their love story depicts a reality that no other romance film can portray. A Reddit user said that they “just love the flaws they give the characters,” and how Jesse and Celine seemed like the most relatable couple.


Baby And Debora (Baby Driver)

Baby Driver movie couples

Baby and Debora are the most adorable pair of lovers on this list. Although it was love at first, they both worked so hard to keep their relationship. They probably have the most exciting one because they are always on the run.


It’s not ideal in a relationship to engage in crimes, but the nature of Baby’s work always puts them in danger. LordCaelistis of Reddit said that this is “the first time [they] genuinely wanted two movie characters to end up together.” Who wouldn’t if the chemistry is so good?

John And Jane (Mr. & Mrs. Smith)

Mr and Mrs Smith


This power couple is like no other – both are spy agents working under different organizations. To stay low-key, they married each another, not knowing the truth about one another. While this is not a realistic type of relationship, it is undeniably the most thrilling and action-packed one.

Reddit user Lyfultruth said, “When I saw the movie, I was young and had never seen either of the two of them in anything at all and didn’t even know their names. But I did know they were fantastic together.”


Peter And Gwen (The Amazing Spider-Man)

The Amazing Spider-Man movie couples

The quintessential superhero romance finds Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in the greatest battle of their lives. To say their relationship was crazy is an understatement – imagine dating a superhero!


TVSix6 of Reddit confessed, “I wasn’t a fan of those movies but Garfield and Stone had electrifying chemistry. They made even their corniest dialogue work.”


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