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Is this the Best and Most Helpful Starfield Bug Yet?

Although Starfield is undeniably one of the biggest video game releases of the year, it is not without its own set of glitches. A few bugs sprinkled here and there are not that big of a deal, though, because a world as huge as Bethesda’s latest space RPG is bound to face some technical issues from time to time. Realizing that they just have to accept that fact if they want to enjoy games in general, fans have started to have fun with glitches to make the most of the situation.

In fact, the absolute best and most helpful Starfield bug yet has been spotted by its players, and it is all owed to just a single puddle.

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A Starfield Bug can Actually Help You Progress in the Game

The greatest glitch in Starfield actually helps you progress in the game, and it is all thanks to a puddle.
The greatest glitch in Starfield actually helps you progress in the game, and it is all thanks to a puddle.

Actually, the best part about the greatest Starfield bug yet is that it saves you a lot of in-game currency for many items, so you don’t have to keep worrying about saving enough money to buy them. It just proves that not all strange glitches have to be bad; sometimes they can help make your gaming experience even better by assisting your progress.

Bethesda’s new title encourages its players to explore its ambitious world, and although it can be a bit lifeless and dull at times, you will definitely come across a lot of technical weirdness the more you explore.

This is not the first time that a Starfield bug has proven to be helpful, as players have also found one that literally lets you steal the greatest spacesuit that is available in the game, but of course, most glitches are just annoying. Some notably infamous bugs in the space RPG have disrupted many players’ gaming sessions by taking away their ability to fire their weapons during an intense battle.

Fortunately, if you are looking to manage your in-game budget, you are really going to appreciate this new bug.

The amazing Starfield bug was first discovered by a user on X, JamieMoranUK, who shared a detailed video showcasing the glitch in all its glory.

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Introducing the Fan-Favorite Puddle and Glitch in Starfield

You can save a lot of money by utilizing the latest bug in Starfield.
You can save a lot of money by utilizing the latest bug in Starfield.

Playing on the Xbox Series X, Jamie went to Akila City in Starfield and stared into a puddle in front of a store called Shepherds. It turns out that the puddle has a magical glitch power that lets you score all of the inventory in that store completely free of charge. Additionally, all you have to do is wait for one full day (24 hours), and the game will let you do the exact same thing again, which means unlimited items without having to spend a dime.

You can check out JamieMoranUK’s video showing the Starfield bug on X below:

It is such an easy yet perfect way to simultaneously save a lot of in-game cash while also acquiring essential items to take on your next Starfield adventure. The shop’s inventory includes a wide variety of supplies, including medical kits, plenty of ammo, and ship parts.

Have you tried looking into the aforementioned puddle to benefit from the latest Starfield bug? Let us know in the comments!

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