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We don’t hear the name Starz frequently like HBO and Netflix because it doesn’t produce content just for the sake of views. Owned by Lions Gate Media, Starz is a television network that offers stunning shows and dramas that can turn your otherwise dull day into a dazzling one.


We have curated a list of the top 5 shows on Starz.

Spartacus (3 seasons, one prequel miniseries): Spartacus is a fictional, historical drama based on the slave-rebellions led by Spartacus from 73 to 70 BCE. Spartacus was a Thracian warrior enslaved by the Romans. He was forced to fight with other men inside a ring for entertainment. The series covers the uprising of Spartacus as he embarks to fight against the Romans and their dreadful slave system. The magnificent story is the reason why Spartacus is one of the best Starz shows.

Spartacus leading slaves


Ash vs. Evil Dead (3 seasons): With Sam Raimi as the showrunner, you can be assured that this series is all about gory humor and action. A sequel to the original movies begins 30 years after those events. Ash is now enjoying his new adventure-free life. And in that carefree behavior, he accidentally unleashes Deadites. So now Ash has to fight these demons again with his trademarked chainsaw-style to ensure everyone’s survival.

Ash with his chainsaw

Outlander (6 seasons): Everyone has at least once heard of Outlander. It is probably the most famous production of the Starz network. It revolves around the quirky ventures of a World War II nurse. She mysteriously time-travels to 1743’s Scotland. The nurse then starts falling for a Highlander. She brawls with her emotions as she cannot let go of her WWII husband, nor can she fall for a Highlander. This inevitable balance between love and loss has made the show mainstream.

Highlander getting molested by an English military man

Black Sails (4 seasons): A prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. The series manifests the New Providence Island of 40 years before. The island with everything – thieves, pirates, and money are now under the threat of British & Spanish forces. Flint, a pirate, has to battle with them to establish the security of their beloved home. And he does; he fights with bravery, even then seemingly lost fight – perhaps that is the reason why it kept the audience clamped.

Flint with blood around his face


Power (6 seasons): James “Ghost” St. Patrick is the owner of Truth, a nightclub and caterer to a drug trade only meant for the high-status clients. Patrick is living a double life. He tries to get legit, but it’s not easy. With four proportionately famous spin-offs, Power is a dark-themed and ambiguous storyline. Power perfectly illustrates Manhattan’s affluent lifestyle and its utter and colossal dark secrets.

James "Ghost" in Power

Party Down (2 seasons): With Paul Rudd, aka Ant-Man, as co-creator, this sitcom deals with the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs, writers, and actors, who are hustling as caterers to meet their expenses. Under the façade of humor and laughter, the story tries to tell a deep story of dreams and how they shape an individual’s life. Each episode starts with a new party and new location, but at the end of every episode, the audience can only expect tears of laughter.

Party Down Cast


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