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Best Ways to Make Money in Starfield: 2 Tricks Gamers Can Use to Earn Credit Fast Involve Selling Contrabands and Resource Farming

2 Tricks Gamers Can Use to Earn Credit Fast Involve Selling Contrabands and Resource Farming

Credits are one of the most important things in Starfield if players want to become the richest explorer in the universe and are looking to buy the best ships, gear, and weapons. Some of the best ways for players to make easy money in Starfield include smuggling and selling contraband, making outposts to farm resources, and then selling them.

Players can get the Commerce skill that will help them buy items at lower prices and sell them at higher prices and considering the amount of loot players will find, they can easily sell lots of items to vendors. Also, note that players will be required to wait for 24 hours in-game to refresh a vendor’s stock and cash.


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Best Ways to Make Money in Starfield

Players will be traveling to different planets and meet different types of NPCs and other people, They can try to loot and pickpocket anybody and everybody they can, much like other games from Bethesda. Players can also loot chests, houses, drawers, ships, and even enemy forces and sell them to make money in Starfield.

Sell planetary scans to Vladimir Sall

Players can also sell their planetary scans to Vladimir Sall, a member of the Constellation faction who can be found in a space station called The Eye. When players visit a planet, they can scan them from the orbit including, fauna, flora, and any landmark on a planet, and it takes a good amount of time to do so. For quick money, players can scan gas giants or asteroids and as a single scan is counted as a completed survey, they can immediately sell it.

Another way to earn money is to complete missions from mission boards which don’t take more than 10 to 20 minutes and earn thousands of credits with ease. All of the major factions have mission boards that players can interact with and pick simple missions to complete them. Players can also claim ships by boarding and hijacking them and then registering them to sell them for a good sum of money.

Players can hijack and register ships to sell them for money

As players are also looting and pickpocketing, they can break into a few safes and vaults, can’t hurt right? They can use the Security skill and when players have even one Digipick, they can select the correct pins and unlock a container. Vaults and chests that are in high security will have more than average loot for players to grab.

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How to Earn Credits Fast in Starfield

For players to make money, the best way is to smuggle and sell contraband for which players will need to obtain a good source of contraband. A good amount of contraband can be found in the drug Aurora in the city of Neon which players can take to the Trade Authority in main cities such as New Atlantis they can earn thousands. If players want to reinvest it into a better-shielded storage facility for more contraband, they can collect more money.

Contrabands can be found in cargo hold or cockpit

For farming resources, players will need to build outposts and create extractors that will automatically collect and store resources for them. If players can set up a few extractors on different planets, while they explore and do other missions, they can return to collect the resources and sell them to the vendors. Also, remember that vendors will not have money all the time for players to sell their goods so they will need to make rounds to the vendor to get rid of their resources.

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Starfield is now available in early access and will be officially launched on September 6 for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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