Starfield: Bethesda Has One Quick Hack for Gamers Who Are Annoyed With Game’s Expansive Mapping System That Makes Space Travel a Cake Walk

Bethesda Has One Quick Hack for Gamers Who Are Annoyed With Game’s Expansive Mapping System That Makes Space Travel a Cake Walk

Starfield is the latest game by storied developer Bethesda, and it joins a long line of open world games they have created, such as Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Directed by the famous Todd Howard, it promises to be their biggest and most ambitious game yet. The game is one that players have been looking forward to it for several years now, despite the game being exclusive to the PC and Xbox consoles.

Starfield will be available only on PC and Xbox consoles

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Set in the depths of outer space, Starfield allows players to travel to over a thousand planets, of which about a hundred are said to have life of some sort. Each players will have their own customizable spaceships which allows them to travel across the map, or maps, of Starfield, from planet to planet.

How can players travel between planets in Starfield?

Despite popular perception, Starfield does not in fact require players to go through the UI (user interface) or the menu to travel from one planet to the next. Huggan00, on the game’s official subreddit, uploaded a video which showed the ship’s scanner that he then pointed at a potential destination to make the gravity jump. Thus, players can make the jump utilizing that method without having to go into the menu at all.

Fandomwire Video
Starfield spaceship
Starfield will allow players to customize their spaceship

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Furthermore, a similar method extends to landing on planets as well, where players simply have to point the scanner in their ship at a planet’s key areas, no matter what it is, for them to land there quickly, again not requiring them to open up the menu.

What criticisms has Starfield received?

Having received a lot of praise for its different factions, their stories and their ideologies amidst a relatively bug free launch, Starfield has done well so far overall. But it isn’t a perfect game, and while some of the issues present can be ironed out over time, others will be tougher to fix as they’re a core part of the game.

Starfield will allow players to explore over a 1000 planets

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One of the aforementioned issues is the game’s take on space exploration, where there is no seamless transition from one world or planet to another and it is also filled with loading screens which break the in game immersion. These unusual restrictions to what could have been a highly free and customizable aspect of the game has disappointed many fans, and players might have to make their peace with the game’s attitude and methodology towards exploring this vast sandbox.

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