4 Things We Wish to See in Better Call Saul Season 6 (& 4 Things We Don’t Want To)



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Better Call Saul had an explosive ending to its fifth season. The sixth season of the show has been green lit by AMC and it will be releasing in the first half of 2021. These are some things we expect to see and not see in Better Call Saul Season 6.


Wish To See: More Lalo Salamanca

better call saul 6 lalo

The smiling charismatic maniac that wowed us with his antics in Better Call Saul Season 5 is out for blood. He has just seen his house being invaded and survived four mercenaries sent by Gus Fring to kill him. He knows Nacho is involved. He knows a lot of his ‘allies’ are in bed together, conspiring against him. We want to see Lalo unleash the divine wrath of God on his foes for what they did to him. Lalo Salamanca is coming for you Jimmy. And he is going to hurt you and laugh at you as you cry in intense pain and agony.


Don’t Want To: Gus Fring Being Sidelined

better call saul gus fring

Season 5 gave us some really cool Gus Fring moments. We finally got to see Gus Fring’s past come to life in the show. The Salamancas had something to do with Gus losing someone very near and dear to him. And he intends to not just make the Salamancas but also the Don of the Mexican Drug Empire pay. By the end of the fifth season, Gus had established him-self as one of the greatest drug lords this side of the border. With the assassination attempt on Lalo Salamanca being unsuccessful, Gus Fring will need to start taking matters into his own hands if he wants to safeguard his empire from Lalo’s incoming onslaught. Gus Fring has not been given his due importance in the show this season. We need to know his story and he needs to step forward to protect his interests.


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Wish To See: Kim’s Exit

better call saul 6 kim


Kim Wexler has been a pillar of support for Jimmy. She has been helping him through thick and thin, cleaning up his mess, and pulling him out of any imaginable quicksand Jimmy gets himself trapped in. But Season 5 showed us that Kim has become more of a baggage for Jimmy. For Jimmy’s complete transition into the character of Saul Goodman, he needs to let of all liabilities. His marriage to Kim is a threat and it will come back to haunt Jimmy if he does not cut his losses. Kim can still function as an independent character in the show. We just do not want her to keep being Jimmy’s Wife and distracting him from his roots with her self-righteous attitude.

Don’t Want To: Breaking Bad Cameos

better call saul 6 breaking bad


It has been established beyond doubt that Better Call Saul has several deep rooted connections with the universally acclaimed Breaking Bad Series. But if you keep adding more Breaking Bad Cameos into the mix, it is only going to dilute the show. Better Call Saul has been so well received by the fans and critics alike that some claim it has managed to carve a separate identity for itself. It does not need the foundation set by Breaking Bad anymore. It is its own separate entity now. Breaking Bad Cameos will surely be something intriguing to look forward to but in the end, they will hurt the show’s charisma and aura.

Wish To See: Mike Realizing Stacey is Leeching Off of Him

better call saul 6 mike


Mike has the courage to remain calm under inhuman amounts of pressure. He has worked with the biggest and baddest wolves in town and solved problems even they would not dare to. But the one problem that might be the one he will find hits too close to home is the one involving Stacey, the widowed wife of his son. Stacey has sure showed herself to be a goody two shoes but we have started getting vibes that she is just using Mike as a wallet and a personal baby sitter. We would not be surprised if it is revealed that Stacey had an affair and had something to do with Matt’s death. We just want Mike to realize he is being taken advantage of.

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Don’t Want To: Building Up the Stakes

better call saul 6 stakes

Better Call Saul’s stakes started out pretty low. The show still raked in huge numbers because they played their cards right. Better Call Saul first few seasons were based on personal conflicts and emotional decisions that led the story. It was subtle and engaging. By introducing the drug cartels and the new players, the stakes went sky high. But they did come at a huge cost. The personal and emotional tugs of war between characters that once headed the show’s pioneering story telling were then lost. It was all about Saul Goodman saving his head in the crossfire. While we appreciate Saul Goodman climbing up the ladder, we want the subtle plot lines back. Those are the ones that made the show legendary.


Wish To See: New Crime Lords

better call saul 6 crime lords

For a while, we did not know who was the one handling Gus Fring and the Salamanca’s Operation. Someone had to be bankrolling and supplying the two with the dough to sell and build their enterprises. Don Eladio is a powerful crime lord who lives in a virtual fortress in the heart of the Mexican Desert. But he is surely not the only player in town. There have to be more such powerful men all around. Gus Fring is secretly in cahoots with a shadowy organization who might be Don Eladio’s rivals. Maybe we get to see them in the sixth season.


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Don’t Want To: Nacho’s Death

better call saul 6 nacho


Nacho Varga was a selfish, remorseless bastard when the first season began. Slowly we learned how he got into the drug business and became a criminal. He is not on talking terms with his own family but still deeply cares for his father. We know Nacho is rumored to be not around for the next season and will only be appearing in a handful of shows. But we do not want him to go down guns blazing. Nacho has done enough. We do not need to kill him off for a dramatic effect. The show runners can just give him a way out. Maybe Nacho fakes his death and is believed to be dead by everyone, including his father whom he is never allowed to meet. That would be a cursed life that Nacho Varga has to live with for his past sins. We believe that would be a poetic enough punishment for him.



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