“Better go to p*rn industry”: Zack Snyder Promising “Lots of s*x” in Upcoming Project Backfires as Fans Call Out Cheap Tactic

Zack Snyder revealed that there is no fixed release date for the series yet

"Better go to p*rn industry": Zack Snyder Promising "Lots of s*x" in Upcoming Project Backfires as Fans Call Out Cheap Tactic


  • Zack Snyder, the director of the upcoming animated series Twilight of the Gods, has revealed that the series will include "lots of sex".
  • Fans are disappointed with the development of this gimmick and have taken to social media to voice their opinions.
  • The series is set in a small Viking village where Sigrid, the bride-to-be, enlists a cast of characters to go on a mission of revenge to find a god and fight him.
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Zack Snyder is a director who writes pretty violent and dark stories, ones that are aimed towards adults and mature audiences. Seldom has a film in his work that has been even remotely suitable for teenagers to watch. However, it seems the director might have taken the gimmick too far.

Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon
Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon. Credit: Clay Enos/Netflix

With regards to his upcoming animated series, Twilight of the Gods, Snyder revealed to fans that the series will include “lots of sex”, something that has led a lot of fans to be disappointed with the development. Pouring out their comments on X, fans have decided to make their voices heard and their opinions known about such a gimmick.

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Fans are not happy with all the s*x promised in Twilight of the Gods

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

Speaking to Collider, Snyder revealed details about the animated series, which is scheduled to run for 8 Episodes. The director, who is known for the grit of his productions, revealed that the show would have  “lot of sex […] because that’s fun”

However, fans are not very happy about the development, taking to the internet to voice their displeasure with the director using s*x as a gimmick.

Fans find it a little weird that Snyder felt the need to mention this in the interview. There are expectations from the series to be more than just gimmicks like s*x, given that it is dealing with interesting source material like Norse Mythology.


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What exactly is Zack Snyder’s Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods title card

While speaking with Collider, Snyder talked about what the animated series is going to be about and revealed a detailed summary and other information about the project. With regards to the synopsis of the series, the director said:

“It’s basically this: there’s a king and his queen in a small Viking village, and they want to get married. An event happens to them at their wedding that causes Sigrid, who is the bride to be, who is the child of giants, to go on a crazy mission of revenge. She enlists a cast of characters – a seer, a dwarf – and they come together to form a band that has this one mission to find a god and fight him. It’s a mission, it’s a revenge story. Sigrid is this beautiful, very Scandinavian kind of cold but passionate character that I’ve really enjoyed working through and with because she’s just so cool. Sylvia Hoeks voices her.”

Besides revealing a synopsis of the story, Snyder also revealed that their series is expected to be 8 episodes long, and available to be streamed on Netflix. The director also said no fixed date has been decided for the series. Deborah Snyder, the producing partner of Zack Snyder, revealed:


“They don’t have it dated yet, but we still don’t finish it until sometime this summer.” 

While there is no concrete date for when the series will be released, fans can expect episodes of the series to drop between 2024 and 2025.

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