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Hollywood Legend Betty White’s Iconic Brentwood Home Bulldozed, New Owners Want “Massive” $10.6M Mansion

Hollywood Legend Betty White’s Iconic Brentwood Home Bulldozed, New Owners Want “Massive” $10.6M Mansion

Betty White’s long-time abode in Brentwood, California has been completely demolished. The Hollywood actress passed away on December 31, 2021, and her assistant and social media handler, Kiersten Mikelas, recently revealed to the public that the house is now reduced to ashes.

Betty White 1
Betty White

White stayed in her beautiful and cozy home since the 1960s. Due to the pandemic, the late actress spent most of her remaining days in her humble abode in the company of her beloved pets. A new report says that new construction has begun at the site of her former residence.

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Betty White’s House Is Now Completely Demolished, New Mansion Is Soon To Rise

According to TMZ, the new owners of the lot requested a permit to clear up the ground in November. Recently this year, the couple filed for more documents concerning the construction of a pool and spa.

Mikelas wrote on White’s Instagram account last year:

This is such a busy time of year, and coming up on the anniversary of Betty’s passing is hitting in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Her Brentwood home is no more. I promise a wonderful tribute to our most wonderful lady very soon!

The property, which White and her husband purchased in 1968, was immediately sold for $10.6 million only one month after it was posted. The 3,000-square-foot house consisted of five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The listing stated that the property was sold for land value, which meant the house could be torn down once purchased.

Betty White 2
Betty White

The couple reportedly wiped out every trace of the old house, although perhaps if one spent a fortune on such real estate, they are entitled to do anything they please. Besides, the land was legally obtained; unfortunately for White’s fans, there is nothing to do anymore but accept the reality.

White’s career was at its peak after she acquired the house. It was frequented by many sight-seeing tourists visiting the town, and unfortunately, they could not do that anymore.

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Betty White’s Legacy Is More Than Just A Piece Of Property

Betty White was loved by fans all around the world. Her legacy in The Golden Girls is a gem in the Hollywood industry. Before the actress passed away, she posted a special video that was meant to be released on her 100th birthday. The clip featured White showing gratitude towards her supporters:

I just want to thank you all for your love and support over the years. Thank you so much… and stick around!

As generous as many people knew her, White was aware of her beloved house’s future. She made sure that the money gained from selling the house will be donated to charities, especially animal shelters. Almost $11 million was collected from the sale.

Betty White 3
Betty White

Her personal belongings were also auctioned, along with her Los Angeles and Carmel homes. White’s memorabilia, including annotated scripts and her Emmy Awards, were also donated to the National Comedy Centre.

The sale of her property enraged several fans, and many of them expressed sorrow and disappointment. This only proved how much Betty White was loved and cherished by the public. Her house might be gone, but her legacy will live on forever.

Source: TMZ, Instagram

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