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Between Two Ferns: Funniest Bloopers, Ranked

Between Two Ferns Funniest Bloopers Ranked

The success of the show “Between Two Ferns” is impeccable. They’ve invited some of the most influential people as their guests and have presented great conversations in front of us. Of course, it is always exhilarating to watch Zach Galifianakis make remarks and crack jokes on celebrities and even world leaders. Here are some bloopers that never gets old.

Jon Hamm: In an interview with the “Mad Men” star, Zach made a remark on him and Bradley Cooper, saying, “Are you hoping that will open doors for other hot idiots?” This was in the context of his newfound reputation as the hottest man alive.

Jon Hamm- between two ferns
The hottest idiot

Benedict Cumberbatch: During his time on the show, Zach made a devilishly funny comment on Cumberbatch. He asked if Benedict didn’t have an accent, would people then be able to tell that he isn’t a good actor?

Benedict Cumberbatch at between two ferns
The British tongue actor

Tiffany Haddish: Zach tastefully made a pun on Tiffany’s homelessness at the beginning of her career. He asked if the experience was really as iconic as it sounds.

Tiffany Haddish at between two ferns
Not just on street, On street with a rocking car!

David Letterman: His latest bearded look has received a lot of appreciation, but Galifianakis wasn’t going to have it. While welcoming Letterman, he said, “Again, I’d like to thank crystal meth Santa Claus for being here,” as a jab at his look.

David letterman at between two ferns
The great host, with our host

Brie Larson: Zach took a little shot at the actress by attacking her name. He commented on it in the cruelest manner that had us all laughing. “Your parents divorced when you were seven,” “Was that your fault? And guess why? They named their daughter after a f****** piece of cheese.”

Brie Larson at between two ferns
Not just a name, but a cheesy name

Matthew McConaughey: He appeared on the show during his time working on “True Detective.” With reference to that, Zach asked Matthew if it upsets him that somewhere there’s a sack not being hackied.

Matthew McConaughey at between two ferns
Just detective things

John Legend: During a scene in “Between Two Ferns,” Galifianakis meets Chrissy Teigen, who happens to be Legend’s wife. They both end up in a hotel room for some classic U.S movie heat. The next day, Legend meets Galifianakis on the show, and in good humor, reveals that he knew what Zach did, followed by some pepper spray action.

John Legend at between two ferns
The dig going other way

Adam Scott: During his time with “Big Little Lies,” he had very influential co-actors in the leading role. Taking it as an opportunity, Zach took a dig at him, saying, “You hear that? That is the sound of everybody talking about your performance in ‘Big Little Lies.’ No one cares.”

Adam Scott
His side role had it coming

Tessa Thompson: While interviewing her, he asked a question based on wordplay (with her name), “You know a guy that owns a Tesla?” When answered with a “Yes,” he whistles, along with a blank expression pointing out how rich she is.

Tessa Thompson
The not-so-rich host pun

Paul Rudd: During his interview, Rudd made self-deprecating jokes, which cracked them both up. He mentioned how he slept his way to the middle of the industry (implying that he still isn’t on top).

Paul Rudd
Pure magic with these two together

Peter Dinklage: Zach lands at Peter’s house during the film, pretending it’s an interview. However, it was actually a heist.

Peter Dinklage
The thieving crew


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