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Big Hero 6 Spin-off Series Baymax! Gets Release Date On Disney+

It has been 8 years since Big Hero 6 came out. The 2014 movie became an instant favorite, for children and adults alike. A totally adorable comedy, the movie follows the robotics genius, Hiro as he sets out on a journey to avenge the death of his brother. Hiro initially engineers the robot Baymax to be his bodyguard. However, he becomes more than just a protector further into the movie. A personal healthcare companion, Baymax greets you by asking you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. The movie was produced and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Now, the studio is bringing the much-needed Big Hero 6 Spin-off to the screen.

Baymax! Trailer Released

Big Hero 6 Spin-off Release Date Set

Disney+ has announced June 29 as the premiere launch for the new animated series. Baymax! is the first animated series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Already, there are huge expectations riding on the series. The audience will witness the healthcare companion going back to his root role as a nurse bot. He will set out on the streets of the fictional city, San Fransokyo to aid those in need of care. In the series, each episode will focus on a new patient. Our huggable robot companion will seek out the patients and nurse them back to health.

Watch the Baymax! official trailer here.

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New Additions to the Spin-off Series

Creator Don Hall has spoken up about the upcoming series. Baymax is definitely getting an upgrade from his Big Hero 6 era. Baymax was equipped with silver and titanium armor in the movie for fighting against crime. However, the series will see a more portable suit of armor that can allow Baymax to travel around the city faster and with ease.

But that is not all. Don Hall says the audience will get to witness more of the hero’s city in Baymax! According to him, San Franokyo wasn’t explored well enough in the original movie. Thus, incorporating more of the wonderful city while our hero travels the streets to aid and nurse is going to be a positive addition.

Baymax! out this summer on Disney+
Baymax! out this summer on Disney+

The inflatable, huggable, life-saving robot had already won the hearts of the audience once. Now Baymax is out doing it again as he endeavors to save people. Hall has claimed him as a “hero of the times” because of his “single-minded devotion” to helping people. So gather around people. This summer is set to melt our hearts to the core.

Source: Big Hero 6 Spin-Off “Baymax!” Coming Out on Disney+

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