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Biggest Baddest Kaiju That Need To Fight Godzilla Next

To many critics and fans surprise, Godzilla vs. Kong is a major blockbuster smash during this pandemic. Raking in over $350 million worldwide, and numbers are still soaring as the movie continues streaming on HBOMax until April 30th, 2021. This was a movie much needed for people to take their minds off so much stress in their everyday lives, most importantly for the successful resurgence in kaiju films. Now monster fans are awaiting the next biggest monster showdown! Who is Godzilla’s next foe? The people want more kaiju blood spilled, so it’s going big or go home. Here’s a list of the biggest baddest kaiju that need to fight Godzilla next!

BATTRA: Artwork by Magic The Gathering

Battra would be an awesome opportunity to have to bring the dynamic duo of Godzilla and Mothra back together again. Allowing Mothra to be the main protagonist of this movie as she faces an essentially darker version of herself. Both Battra and Mothra are protectors but go about it differently. As Battra is a protector of Earth he views humans as parasites and will go as far as exterminating all human lifeforms to protect Earth. This is a tough fight for Godzilla and Mothra no doubt about that.

ORGA: Artwork by Tapwing

Retcon is the way to go to show the potential of how terrifying this kaiju can be for Godzilla to fight. Take a creature that possesses Godzilla’s DNA which includes his healing abilities, but has the ability to absorb other monsters’ powers and abilities through a bite. The creepiest part is that the creature is always hungry and its jaw can stretch as long as its body! Orga just needs cosmetic work with its story for a future movie maybe add a plasma breath beam, voila. An underrated kaiju that has the potential to be one of the greats.

DESTROYAH: Artwork by Bob Eggleton

The devil of kaiju is an unofficial fitting title for this hellish adversary of Godzilla. Destroyah immensely enjoys inflicting carnage. He is the embodiment of death within the kaiju universe because he’s the only monster that Godzilla has faced that is fully aware of the destruction he is causing and takes pleasure in killing for no reason besides bloodshed. This was visibly apparent when Destroyah murdered Godzilla’s son. Having Destroyah introduced in Legendary’s monster universe would be an epic ride! Dante’s Inferno with monsters. By the way, he’s so powerful that Godzilla had to reach his burning transformation just to make it a competitive fight.

BIOLLANTE: Artwork by Dopepope

Ogra’s abilities are terrifying when written correctly, Destroyah looks is the spawn of Satan among kaiju and Biollante… She’s both of those monsters’ nightmares. Biollante is without a doubt the creepiest designed kaiju to have existed. Biollante is a giant plant-like, Godzilla-infused-looking creature. That adorns long extended vines with jaws to tangle up her prey, her giant jaws accompanied by rows of razor-sharp teeth!

GAMERA: Artwork by reiji-yoshimura

Gamera is a kaiju property that belongs to Kadokawa while Godzilla belongs to Toho but if both companies could come to some kind of respectable agreement. Then they would have the opportunity to bring fans the biggest baddest kaiju crossover matchup ever. Godzilla fighting Kong was big just imagine this one! Both kaiju are nearly the same. Give the fans another outrageously fun match between two alphas.

Written by Barry Buzzkill

Woah, he writes!