“Biggest film in world history”: Not Sound of Freedom, Jim Caviezel Says Upcoming $612M Mel Gibson Movie Sequel To Be His Career’s Greatest Movie

Not Sound of Freedom, Jim Caviezel Says Upcoming $612M Mel Gibson Movie Sequel To Be His Career's Greatest Movie

Jim Caviezel’s Sound of Freedom has emerged as a sleeper hit, raking in over $182 million despite facing a production hiatus for a long time. The film, accused of connections with QAnon theorists, brought along the mainstream success that Caviezel has long pursued.

Jim Cavaziel
Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s $612 million-grossing movie, The Passion of the Christ. After starring in the highest-grossing Christian movie ever, Caviezel revealed that he was sidelined within Hollywood.

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Jim Caviezel Returns For The Sequel Of The Passion Of The Christ

Mel Gibson explaining the scenes to Jim Caviezel on the sets of The Passion of the Christ (2004).
Jim Caviezel and Mel Gibson on the sets of The Passion of the Christ

When Mel Gibson approached Jim Caviezel for the role, he warned the Person of Interest actor that the film could be detrimental to his career. Caviezel admitted that, since then, he found himself rarely being offered good roles in mainstream productions. The Escape Plan actor is now set to return for a sequel to the blockbuster movie.

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The groundwork for a sequel project began in 2016 when Randall Wallace was hired to draft a script. Caviezel confirmed the project’s development in 2018 after reading Wallace’s third draft. The sequel is titled The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection and according to reports, the Braveheart writer is on his seventh draft for the film now.

Upon release, The Passion of the Christ received a lot of criticism for its brutal violence and elements of anti-Semitism. The movie centered on the final 12 hours before the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, known as The Passion. The sequel will explore the time after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, hence the title.

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Jim Caviezel Predicts The Sequel To Be The Biggest Film In World History

Jim Caviezel lifting the cross in The Passion of the Christ
Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ

Jim Caviezel appeared in an interview with Devin Nunes to promote his film, Sound of Freedom and stated that the sequel is going to be the biggest movie in cinematic history. The Déjà Vu actor also shared the possibility of the film being released in two parts, hinting that Mel Gibson is going to narrate a lengthy and detailed account of the religious event. Caviezel shared:

“…we are going to do the Resurrection and that it will be the biggest film in the history of the world and I think it might be two movies. I don’t think it’s going to be three but it could be. But it could be one. So it depends, on how he wants to do it. He took me through a lot of the scenes and I was on the floor crying.”

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If Jim Caviezel’s predictions hold true, the sequel will also mark the resurrection of the Savannah actor back into mainstream Hollywood. With the surprising success of Sound of Freedom, the controversial actor is already halfway there. The impact of his movies might be polarizing, but Caviezel undoubtedly is a great acting talent.

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