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‘Biggest Oscars snub in Hollywood history’: James Cameron Fans Declare War as Avatar 2 Director Doesn’t Get Best Director Nomination

'Biggest Oscars snub in Hollywood history': James Cameron Fans Declare War as Avatar 2 Director Doesn't Get Best Director Nomination

This year the Academy chose to omit names like James Cameron while releasing the list of nominees for the 95th Oscars. The Academy Awards also known as the Oscars is considered the biggest award night in the world. It is filled with the best entertainment stars, invited from all over the world. Getting nominated for Oscars is altogether a matter of pride and an indicator of the film’s success.

The Academy Awards is known for its inclusion and fair measuring criteria bringing the world’s best to the table. But this year’s Academy Awards seems to be losing its years of gained trust by snubbing deserving candidates such as James Cameron from the run. The fans were presented with the list of the biggest Oscar snubs.

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The Academy Award
The Academy Award

James Cameron Snubbed at The 95th Academy Awards

The 95th Academy Awards nomination list is finally out. This year’s list is getting known for snubbing the rightful candidate for the respective awards. Fans were shocked to see the absence of some expected nominees. Rather than the deserving names, this year’s Oscar list was full of disappointments, which enraged the internet. This year’s nominee list brought everyone aware of the Oscars together through a feeling of mutual criticism.

Many believe that this year’s nomination list has tainted the name of years of earned reputation by The Academy. To begin with, fans were shocked to see the name of James Cameron, director of Avatar: Way of Water, missing from the list of Best Directors. Avatar, which made its massive comeback after a decade with a well-executed storyline and graphics failed to earn an award for its director.

Talking about directors, fans were infuriated to see that there were no female directors on the list either. Top Gun: Maverick, which became the first film in 2022 to cross the revenue of 1 billion in 2022 didn’t aid the Hollywood Hunk, Tom Cruise to get an Oscar nomination. Danielle Deadwyler’s missing name shocked many as her work in Till is surely commendable. The list of snubbed artists for this year can go on for a while.

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James Cameron snubbed at Oscars despite hit direction of Avatar 2
James Cameron snubbed at Oscars

95th Academy Awards – The Biggest Snub in Hollywood History

Ever since the release of the list of Oscar nominees, the internet is filled with disappointed and furious fans who are demanding explanations for the committee’s unjustified moves. The 95th Academy Awards has made history in snubbing by omitting a list of deserving artists. 

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Oscar Snubs
Oscar Snubs

Though nothing can be done now that the list has been publicly announced, fans expect more rational moves from the panel while shortlisting candidates for the award run in the future. Many fans feel that artists like James Cameron who truly made an impact on people through their work in the last year went missing from the most awaited award show of the year.

The 95th Academy Awards will be held on March 12, 2023. The show will be televised by the ABC network and will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Source: Twitter and Oscars

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