Bigmode Games Announces Definitive Version of Monolith and More in Their First-Ever Direct-Style Presentation

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Are you ready to go Bigmode? It’s been nearly a year since YouTuber, videogamedunkey, (real name Jason Gastrow) and his wife Leah, announced the formation of their indie publishing label Bigmode Games. After all that time, the company finally released its first direct-style presentation, called the “Bigmode Memo.”

Bigmode Memo 2023

The eight-minute-long presentation announced several pieces of information about new titles and upcoming events, the most notable being a definitive edition of the 2017 indie roguelite, Monolith. The game, which does not yet have a release date, will be re-released on the Nintendo Switch under the new title Star of Providence.


What Did Bigmode Games Reveal About Monolith’s Rerelease?

Bigmode announced a definitive version of Monolith, retitled as Star of Providence.
Bigmode announced a definitive version of Monolith, retitled as Star of Providence.

Monolith is a roguelite, top-down, bullet hell shooter with incredibly fast combat and daunting boss encounters. The player assumes the role of a lone spaceship, searching for wealth in the ruins of a long-abandoned facility. In 2019, the game was given even more content with the Relics of the Past DLC, which boasted over two thousand additional unique room layouts and a plethora of new weapons and playable characters.

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Earlier this year, developers Team D-13 announced that it would be changing the game’s title to Star of Providence, to eliminate the threat of a cease and desist from Warner Bros., the owner of Shadow of Mordor, published through Monolith Studios. In addition, Team D-13 announced that the Relics of the Past version of the game would become the default version available for purchase.


The trailer for the Switch version of Star of Providence, released in today’s Bigmode Memo, boasts even more additional features: new enemies, new bosses, new music, and even more new weapons, room types, and playable characters. Dunkey did not specify a release date for the new title during the memo, or whether or not this new definitive edition of the game would be released on PC like the original version.

What Else Did Bigmode Announce in Their Memo?

An update to Animal Well was announced at the Bigmode Memo.
An update to Animal Well was announced at the Bigmode Memo.

Bigmode has branded itself as THE premier publisher of excellent indie games, and Dunkey is standing by that. He provided an update to the first title being published by the company, Shared Memory’s Animal Well. New game footage was shown, and a demo will be available to play at this year’s PAX West from September 1st through the 4th. The game is slated for release on Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PC in early 2024.

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Dunkey also announced the first-ever Bigmode Game Jam, which will occur at some unspecified date this winter. Though there aren’t many details about this event right now, Dunkey had this to say about it:

“[The Game Jam is] a multi-day event where I will play your games live on Twitch and make fun of them and talk about how good the graphics are.”


Dunkey’s satirical slant aside, the event seems like a great opportunity for indie developers to get their names heard by a larger audience. Bigmode is pitching the event as an opportunity for the company to work with the many developers it simply didn’t have the resources to accommodate for their projects. More details will come in the future through Bigmode’s social media channels.

All in all, Bigmode is setting itself up to be quite the player in the indie game scene in the coming years. So, what do you make of all this? Are you excited about Star of Providence? Let us know in the comments!


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