12 Marvel and DC Heroes Billy Butcher Would Definitely Beat Up

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The World of The Boys is full of superheroes modelled after the DC and Marvel Superheroes. Extremely powerful, these superheroes run amok without any care for the authorities. Billy Butcher has killed many of the Supes everyone thought were invincible. And he has done it over and over again.


What if Billy Butcher jumps into the DC and marvel Universes? Could he work his magic there too? We would like to believe so.

PS:- The battles take in a realistic scenario. So we take comic book mechanics and plot armor out of play here. The fights take in the gritty and practical scenarios Billy Butcher is an expert at.



It would not take much to kill Cyborg to be honest. There are so many flaws to explore.

Star Lord


Peter Quill is basically a brat with an attitude. There’s not much he could do against Billy Butcher

Booster Gold

Threaten to defame him and take away his brand endorsements and Booster Gold would become Billy Butcher’s personal muse.



Do we even need to say anything here? You guys are smart enough to figure it out.

Martian Manhunter


Martian Manhunter’s susceptibility to fire is a weakness Billy Butcher will explore to the fullest.

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Black Widow


Black Widow could run but she cannot hide.

Green Arrow

If they could take out Hawkeye, why not Green Arrow?



To be frank, that is a very practical and ingenious way to kill him – like using poison to kill a rodent.

Harley Quinn


Dance and scream all you want Harley Quinn, there’s no way you could escape Billy Butcher.

Captain America

will the fight be tough? Yes. Will Cap escape? Hell No!!


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Green Lantern

Green Lantern’s vulnerability to the color yellow could be explored by Billy Butcher in intense and graphic detail.


Tony Stark

Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist? Nyah!! He is just a middle-aged guy with daddy issues and an attitude problem. Tony Stark would lose this round for sure.


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