Bizarre Facts About Clea’s Body, Dark Dimension’s Sorcerer Supreme In Doctor Strange 2 Post Credits

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was preceded by a lot of fan speculation, theories, and rumours. Even though the film has been released, the chatter around it refuses to go down. In the post-credit scene of the movie, fans were introduced to an unnamed woman in purple. She was Clea, of the Dark Dimension and a master of the mystic arts.


Clea is a fascinating character who debuted in 1964 in Strange Tales #126. She is quite powerful and has a variety of abilities at her disposal. We list 5 bizarre facts about her body and her abilities, in this article. What do you think about her? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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1. Clea Has A Corrupted Demon Form

bizarre facts about Clea and her abilities
Clea from the comics

It turns out, that Clea has a dark side to her. In one instance she transformed into a corrupted demon form. This was attributed to the influence of Silver Dagger. She was a changed person after her transformation and attacked Dr. Stephen Strange. Strange was almost overwhelmed by her powers. He later managed to get her back to her normal self. This is one side of her we wouldn’t want to face! Phew!

2. She Has Thought Casting Abilities

bizarre facts about Clea and her abilities
An image of her from the comics

Clea has thought casting abilities that allow her to communicate with others through telepathy. Further, by the virtue of this power, she can cast telepathic suggestions to others and probe their minds. She once tried to use this ability on Dr. Strange but was unsuccessful.

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3. Clea Is As Able As Dr. Stephen Strange

bizarre facts about Clea and her abilities
Doctor Strange and Clea

She became the student of Strange and under his pupilage she learned various abilities, spells, and powers. Strange thought her astral projection, teleportation, summoning energy bolts,  rearranging molecules, and other abilities. This greatly enhanced her powers and made her immensely powerful. Clea became the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension and Earth, eventually.

4. She Is Half Dark Dimension Mortal and Half Faltine

bizarre facts about Clea and her abilities
Charlize Theron as Clea

Clea’s father was Prince Orini and her mother was a Faltine, named Umar. She was born in the Dark Dimension. This is the reason why she is half Dark dimension mortal and half Faltine. This heritage of hers gives her a variety of powers, like the ability to fly and hover.

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5. Clea Can Travel Across The Multiverse

bizarre facts about her and her abilities
Clea with Doctor Stephen Strange

Finally, she has the amazing ability to travel across the multiverse. This is demonstrated by her ability to travel between Earth and the Dark Dimension, where she was born. Clea is a fascinating character that is very powerful and interesting. She was portrayed by Charlize Theron and fans are excited to see her again, soon.

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