Bizarre Reason Johnny Depp Rejected One Of The Greatest Nicolas Cage Movies Ever Made

Despite being the production's first choice, Johnny Depp rejected Nicolas Cage's Face/Off as it wasn't about Hockey.

Bizarre Reason Johnny Depp Rejected One Of The Greatest Nicolas Cage Movies Ever Made


  • Johnny Depp is definitely an incredible actor who has made a name for himself with his unique and eccentric approach to his roles.
  • It's interesting to hear that he rejected a role in Nicolas Cage's movie, Face/Off, for a bizarre reason.
  • Depp always tries to bring something new to his audience, and it's cool to see how both Depp and Cage have their own eccentricities as actors.
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Over the years Johnny Depp has become one of the most prominent and famous actors across the world. Having starred in multiple notable roles, the actor has established a name for himself thanks to his unique eccentric approach to the craft.

Johnny Depp (@johnnydepp | Instagram)
Johnny Depp (@johnnydepp | Instagram)

Having hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, Depp has always tried to bring something new to the audience. In his venture to find the ‘new’, the actor has also rejected numerous roles, including one of the greatest Nicolas Cage movies ever made, Face/Off. Despite a good script and potential cast, Depp ended up leaving the project due to a bizarre reason.

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Johnny Depp’s Bizarre Reason For Rejecting Nicolas Cage’s Face/Off

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off
Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off

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Johnny Depp is an exceptional actor with extraordinary capabilities to bring some of the most bizarre characters to life. Ever since the start of his career, he has managed to bring something new to each role he undertakes. As for Nicolas Cage, the star is another eccentric actor who has continued to deliver shockingly amazing performances throughout his career.

One of Cage’s greatest movies was Face/Off starring John Travolta. An action thriller and now a cult classic, its dramatic storytelling continues to excite fans even today. Produced by Paramount Pictures, the studio wanted Depp to star as one of the leads in the picture.


Determined to make the Pirates of the Caribbean actor a star, the studio even stated that Cage could only be in the picture if Depp agreed to star opposite him, despite the Ghost Rider star wanting to do the movie. While Depp showed interest, things quickly changed once he read the script.

Having read the title, Depp had thought the movie was about the sport of Hockey. But upon realizing that it was a completely different movie, having nothing to do with Hockey, he disappointingly left, in turn giving fans one of the greatest Nicolas Cage movies ever.

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Face/Off Isn’t The Only Movie Johnny Depp Has Rejected

Depp also rejected Keanu Reeves' The Matrix
Depp also rejected Keanu Reeves’ The Matrix

Johnny Depp has the unique ability to bring out the best in each and every character on screen as if they were actually real. Thanks to his acting prowess, the actor has been offered multiple roles across different genres. But just like Face/Off, the actor ended up rejecting many of these roles.

Before Keanu Reeves could become famous with The Matrix, it was Depp who was offered the role first but ended up leaving due to his busy schedule. More or less the same thing happened with Reeves’ Speed, where Depp was again the first choice for the role but he ended up passing it on.

Face/Off wasn’t the only John Travolta movie that Depp was the first choice for, but he was also one of the ideal cast for Travolta’s Pulp Fiction. While it is unfortunate that Depp let go of so many iconic roles, it is also true that the movies became iconic without the star power of Depp.


Face/Off can be streamed on Hulu.


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