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Black Adam Blasts Through Negative Critic Reviews, Scores Massive 90% Audience Score Leaving Fans Convinced That RT Has Anti-DC Agenda

DC fans support Black Adam despite bad critic reviews.

After pitching the prospect of Black Adam for years now, Dwayne Johnson’s very own anti-hero DC film is finally out. Initially, early reviewers and critics had dismissed the movie by claiming it to be sub-par at best with not much substance in it. But now that the movie is officially in theatres, fans seem to be having a whole new perspective regarding it after seeing it for themselves.

Black Adam Dwayne The Rock Johnson 2
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Black Adam

While critical reviews had deemed the film as an average one with very little to like about it, the audience are loving every bit of it with all their heart. Call it their never-ending loyalty to DC or their reflex to defend it, but fans are extremely driven to prove critics wrong as they celebrate the success of Black Adam.

DC fans are relishing in joy after watching Black Adam 

According to the critics, Black Adam had failed to meet the mark of excellence that Dwayne Johnson had promised it would with the film’s poor delivery and an upsetting inability to keep them hooked to the screen. People even went ahead to say that besides Johnson’s commendable acting skills and a captivating iteration of the superhero, there was barely anything interesting left in the movie.

However, post its release, the film seems to have garnered massive popularity amongst the DCEU fandom as the audience claim to be thrilled with it.

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Black Adam
Black Adam primes itself for high-octane action

Fans are convinced that the real reason behind the movie getting bad ratings on Rotten Tomatoes has more to do with a deliberate tactic to bring the film down rather than a depiction of the critics’ genuine opinions.

After scoring poor critical ratings on RT, the future of Johnson’s Black Adam had started to look slightly bleak with the movie practically getting booed even before it had been released. But now that the audience has watched it, their side crafts a completely different story about it.

Furious Black Adam fans take a direct jab at the critics

DC fans have made it their life’s mission to defend Black Adam to no bounds as they march on Twitter to express their disapproval of the way early reviewers and critics had dragged the film through the mud for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in Black Adam (2022).
Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam (2022)

Not only do people think that the negative reviews were entirely false and unnecessary, but they also believe that it was an implicit attempt at bringing DC down by mediocre ratings. People are really infuriated with this seemingly unjust treatment being imparted to a movie otherwise enjoyed by them.

Almost everyone on Twitter is talking about how the ratings and reviews from the side of the general audience are what actually matters the most, and that people should form their own opinions regarding such matters instead of shaping their views on the basis of what the critics say.

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DC fans are also bringing Marvel into the scenario, claiming that RT is biased toward the latter which is why DC films almost always end up earning bad reviews, even when the movie is great.

Many of them are even inclined to believe that critics are paid to “hate” DC movies.

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Black Adam seems to be leaving all the criticism it had received from early reviewers somewhere in the shadows as it continues to gain tons of acclamation amongst DC fans and audience.

Black Adam is now out in cinemas!

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Written by Khushi Shah

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