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Black Adam Deleted Post-Credits Scene Hints Doctor Fate Returning, Opens Door For Potential Spin-off Movie

Black Adam Deleted Post-Credits Scene Hints Doctor Fate Returning, Opens Door For Potential Spin-off Movie

Black Adam marked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s debut into the superhero universe as the supervillain, Adam. While the movie was not quite well received by the critics, fans had almost nothing to complain about. The movie also brought new characters into the DCU, including Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson, AKA Dr. Fate.

The Rock as Black Adam.
The Rock as Black Adam.

Another reason why fans loved the movie was that they got to see the O.G. superhero, Superman, back for more. The mid-credit scene opened up about a million possibilities of where the universe is headed next. Maybe even a second Justice League movie! However, in a recent surprise, it was revealed that the movie was supposed to have another post-credits scene, one involving the sorcerer, Dr. Fate.

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Dr. Fate’s Fate After Black Adam?

Pierce Brosnan's Doctor Fate in Black Adam
Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate in Black Adam

Black Adam showed Kent Nelson’s Dr. Fate sacrificing himself in order to save Hawkman during a fight with Sabbac. This broke the hearts of quite a few viewers as they were looking forward to seeing more of the character. Pierce Brosnan’s acting along with the character’s story together made Dr. Fate a fan favorite and saying goodbye to him, so soon, was not easy for the fans. Many speculated if the actor would reprise the role or not.

Well, fans must look alive as the deleted post-credits scene might have something to say. The scene shows a sandy location and later the camera pans down to show the famous Helmet of Nabu sitting on top of the sand. Moments later, a mysterious hand picks up the Helmet and the screen goes black without giving the mysterious identity a face.

This could mean that the DCU is keen on bringing Dr. Fate for future endeavors. Director Jaume Collet-Serra even related Dr. Fate to Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars, who appears in every Star Wars movie even after dying in the first. The Dr. Fate actor also stated that while he doesn’t know anything about the future “the door is open” for anything, even a possible comeback.

Dwayne Johnson also replied to a fan’s tweet asking for more of Dr. Fate. The actor stated that the character was one of his favorites as well and that the audience will see him again. With Superman’s return, we now all know not to doubt anything that Johnson says!

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Will Pierce Brosnan Continue as Dr. Fate?

Pierce Brosnan voiced Dr. Fate in Black Adam (2022).
Actor Pierce Brosnan

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All hints point towards the possibility of the return of Dr. Fate. However, with Kent Nelson dying in the movie, a conundrum arises. Will Brosnan be the one to put on the helmet once again?

Brosnan had previously claimed that he will be reprising his role as Dr. Fate. When Variety asked him if he was hopeful for a comeback he replied with a positive.

Yes, of course. They have already had discussions with me about Dr. Fate. But I think we should not count our chicken before they are hatched.”

This raises a question as to why the post-credit scene was deleted. Well, the most basic answer would be that the creators didn’t want the spotlight to be taken from Henry Cavill’s return. Leaving both scenes in would mean one getting lost in the other’s hype.

Another possible but heartbreaking reason could be that the DCU is not sure about Dr. Fate returning anymore. However, this doesn’t seem likely as Dr. Fate is a powerful character and his magical abilities are like a breath of fresh air in the DCU.

Even though Pierce Brosnan was hopeful for a comeback, Kent Nelson’s death makes things a bit too complicated. Who knows, maybe the deleted scene showed a passing of the torch to a new Dr. Fate. This new Dr. Fate could very well be Kent Nelson’s grandnephew, Khalid Nassour who is the latest and second-longest-running incarnation of the character.

For now, reaching conclusions might be a bit hasty. Since the new era of the DCU is all about the fans, a Dr. Fate comeback couldn’t possibly be scrapped!

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