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Black Adam Faces Massive 63% Drop in Second Weekend Despite Overwhelming Audience Score, Casts Doubt on Sequel Plans

Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson may not have said anything directly about a Black Adam sequel. But the actor has been hinting at the possible sequel of the film. However, the studio has not confirmed anything yet. The producers of the film and the lead actor himself said that fans can see more of the anti-hero in the future. Black Adam had a great opening at the box office. The film was unable to impress critics, but the audience certainly loved the film. It currently has a 40% score from critics and a 90% score from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes.

Black Adam
Black Adam

However, over the second weekend, Black Adam has seen a fall in its box office collection. The drop is not a good sign for the future of the character. As if the movie fails to achieve the set goals, the studio might cancel its plans for a sequel.

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Black Adam Faces a 63% Drop in the Second Weekend

The critics may not have something good to say about the film, but the audience is loving the film. This can be easily understood by the 90% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans not only liked the lead character Teth Adam, but they also praised the whole cast of the film for their work.

Soon after its release, the film became the biggest box office weekend of Dwayne Johnson. Everyone had high hopes for the movie. However, following its first weekend, the movie saw a massive drop in its box office collection.

The resurrection of Black Adam
The resurrection of Black Adam

the film recorded $7.5 million in earnings on Friday, with a 72% drop from its opening day last week. If it is compared with any other superhero movie, Black Adam is still expected to earn $25 million during the upcoming weekends.

This would cause its earnings to drop around 63% from its opening last week. Even after the massive drop, the film is expected to cross the mark of $100 million, becoming the 15th film to reach the milestone this year.

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Would Black Adam Stand Up to Expectations of Warner Bros Discovery?

Dwayne Johnson has been saying that the film would change the DCEU for real. The film was not only supposed to change DCEU but was also expected to bring Warner Bros. back on track. The studio has been facing hardships following its merger with Discovery. With the huge cast and massive budget invested in the film, the studio had high expectations of the film.

However, the massive drop of 63% in the second weekend is not something the studio would have expected. Marvel’s upcoming film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to release in the second week of November. Considering this, it has one more weekend at the box office, where it would be the dominant face.

Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate sharing the screen with Dwayne Jhonson as Black Adam.
A still from Black Adam.

The film may successfully cross the mark of $100 million. However, the total production cost of the film is around $195 million along with the marketing and distributing costs. Hence, the studio may have expected it to be a bigger hit.

The film has made $159 million globally but still, there are no signs that the film will be able to gross $500 million at the box office. Black Adam is yet to release in China. So the studio can hope to see some growth in its box office collection after its release in China.

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Will its Box Office Collection Affect The Sequel of Black Adam?

The mid-credit scene of the film has led many to guess about a possible sequel for the film. Although the studio has not confirmed anything yet, the producers of the film have said that it won’t take that long for the sequel.

Black Adam also introduces the Justice Society of America to the DCEU. This can lead to multiple spin-offs. Fans have also been asking for a solo feature of Doctor Fate. Rumors also had that the studio is planning a solo series with the JSA leader, Hawkman. The series would feature Aldis Hodge as Hawkman.

The earlier WB regime did not want Henry Cavill's Black Adam cameo
Superman’s cameo in Black Adam

However, there is no confirmation about a sequel to Black Adam. When The Rock was asked if fans would see Black Adam against Superman, the Jumanji star said that they will, but it may happen anytime soon. He has also teased that the anti-hero may face Zachary Levi’s Shazam before going against Superman.

There is no confirmation if there would have a sequel or not. But one thing that is certain is fans will see more of the anti-hero in future DCEU films.

Black Adam is playing in theatres.

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