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Despite Henry Cavill’s Return as Superman and Relentless Marketing, Dwayne Johnson Fails to Break His Career Record With Black Adam’s Opening Weekend Earning

super man in black adam

Dwayne Johnson is all set to take on the role of the anti-hero from the past in his upcoming standalone superhero flick Black Adam, and fans just can’t wait to see The Rock donning a cape and making his first debut into the superhero world.

henry cavill superman nad black adam
Henry Cavill to make an appearance as Superman in Black Adam

And now, we also have box office estimates for the movie on its opening weekend, and they look as buff as Johnson himself. But considering Dwayne Johnson’s relentless marketing tactics and the conformation of a cameo of Henry Cavill’s Superman, the movie may fail to break any career records of either of the superstars’ previous projects. 

Opening Weekend Box Office Is Honestly Strong!

According to THR, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is currently tracking toward a $70-$75 million domestic opening weekend. This would put the movie slightly behind what Venom did in October 2018. That movie largely exceeded expectations on the way to an $80 million opening. 

Black Adam FandomWire
Concept art for the movie depicting Black Adam sitting on his throne

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And this predicted milestone is all thanks to Dwayne Johnson’s relentless marketing tactics and his hustler mindset to take a project all the way through. We saw The Rock make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, travel the globe to be a part of panel discussions and interviews with his cast and producers, and do all that he can to make his big-screen superhero debut truly electrifying!

Helping in the matters, Henry Cavill also lent a strong Kryptonian hand to Johnson as it has been heavily rumored that there will be a Shazam-like cameo of Superman in Black Adam as well, which further got fans excited, triggering all the possibilities of what all the Man of Steel might hold for us in the movie.

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What Do These Numbers Say?  

Honestly, these numbers should be considered very good as Venom was a pre-pandemic release which makes a huge impact on the situation of cinema box office numbers.  Although many films have still been successful in the post-pandemic era, it is still a valiant feat, as the movies that have been blockbusters are just a fraction of the lot. OTT platforms have become the norm for the general public that wait until the movie gets listed on one of them.

black adam superman
Both Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson are set to bring Black Adam to life

Both Johnson and Cavill are celebrated faces of the industry with many blockbuster accolades under their belts. Henry Cavill’s most successful opening weekend came with the release of Man of Steel with a whopping $116 million at the box office.

Dwayne Johnson is one step ahead though. The Rock’s most successful opening weekend at the box office was on the release of Furious 7 with a staggering $245 million. Though we can largely pay homage to the late Paul Walker for this accolade, Dwayne Johnson still has the title of the world’s highest-paid actor two times in a row!

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Black Adam, in cinemas on 21st October 2022

Source: CinemaBlend

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