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Black Adam Post Credit Scene Leaked: Did Dwayne Johnson Really Spoil Henry Cavill’s Return as Superman?

black adam

Since its announcement, Black Adam has been one of the most anticipated DCEU projects. Dwayne Johnson makes his debut as the lead character Black Adam in the film. The actor has shared several behind-the-scenes photos from the film’s production on Instagram, including workouts and other activities. As the film approaches its release date, the cast has revealed more information about their characters and what fans can expect from it.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam (Left) Henry Cavil as Superman(Right)
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam (Left) and Henry Cavil (Right)

Dwayne Johnson recently spoke with Screen Rant about Black Adam‘s mythology, his impact on the DC Extended Universe, and his shared love for the character with director Joe Deckelmeier. At end of the interview, The Rock questions the ending of Black Adam, potentially revealing the comeback of Henry Cavil as Superman.

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How did Joe Deckelmeier react to Dwayne Johnson’s Question?

At the end of the Interview, Dwayne Johnson asked Serra “This is an amazing so much question for you yeah what’d you think about the end?”

Black Adam
Black Adam

The Director enthusiastically replied to The Rock’s question about Black Adam‘s post-credit scene by saying:

“The credit oh man Goosebumps are you kidding me that’s one of those things that you know you hear all these rum Rumblings online but my God seeing it in person and I don’t want to spoil it for anybody but I had goosebumps and I was on the edge of my seat this whole time in the in the film man amazing job yeah I appreciate your time man I appreciate you man thank you, brother, I appreciate it thank you very much thank you amazing thank you man”

Many fans are speculating that Director might be suggesting the entry scene of Superman in the post-credit scene of Black Adam.

Furthermore, it could imply that the legendary clash between the two most powerful forces in DC is only beginning in this film. As Johnson hinted, where Adam delivers the opening strike may be continued in subsequent films.

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Dwayne Johnson has big plans for Superman vs. Black Adam

Later in the interview, the interviewer asked DJ if he had a picture in his mind of how the fight would play out.

“I can think about how that scene looks like, what the film looks like, what the next three films look like, and whether or not that comes to fruition, that always helps when you have that kind of clarity,” The Rock said. Listen to the fans when I was wrestling, they always led and guided me, just like now.”

Black Adam Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

DJ may have dropped a significant hint about the Black Adam vs. Superman fight when he mentioned three major films. Indeed, following the DJ’s admission, it will be interesting to see who delivers the knockout blow.

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