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Black Adam Star Noah Centineo Says Dwayne Johnson is Family, Confused With DC Departure

Black Adam Star Noah Centineo Says Dwayne Johnson is Family, Confused With DC Departure

Noah Centineo became the teen heartthrob as he starred in one after another teen romance installments on Netflix. Followed by his charming and sweet characters in multiple Netflix projects, he was cast as one of the members of the Justice Society of America in Black Adam. While he was excited to be a part of the world he grew up watching, not everyone was looking forward to Centineo being the Atom Smasher.

Noah Centineo FandomWire
Noah Centineo

People started discussing how this could be one of the worst castings done by DC. However, the actor did what the script demanded from him as he portrayed the size-changing superhero in the 2022 film. In his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Swiped star shared his experience working with The Rock and the cast of Black Adam.

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Noah Centineo Had a Wonderful Time Working on Black Adam

Noah Centineo took a different route from his rom-com roles in 2022 as he appeared in Black Adam and The Recruit. He portrayed the DC superhero, Atom Smasher, in the 2022 film, Black Adam and was recently seen as a newly hired CIA lawyer, in Netflix’s The Recruit.

Noah Centineo FandomWire
Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher

The Perfect Date star is looking forward to doing more “good, fun projects” and trying to approach “what feels right and what feels fun.” He also shared his experience working alongside Dwayne Johnson and the cast of Black Adam. Centineo said that he enjoyed working in a friendly environment on the set.

“We had such a wonderful time making that movie. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed four months on a shoot like I did during the filming of that movie. There were so many of us, and we all just blended together, and everybody was so willing to just befriend one another.”

Noah Centineo and Laura Haddock in The Recruit
A still from The Recruit

The Recruit star also shared that Dwayne Johnson made sure that everyone was comfortable and constantly planned “dinners” so they would be “spending time with each other.” He said that he was grateful to be part of the film and would remember his experience for the rest of his life.

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Noah Centineo Does Not Have a Dream Project

Talking about Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson’s sudden departure from the DCU, he said that for now he does not has information about what the new CEOs are planning. But Centineo said that he is excited about whatever James Gunn and Peter Safran have in mind.

Noah Centineo
Noah Centineo

While his return as Atom Smasher is uncertain now, he still feels fortunate to “sit back and decide what to do.” Although Centineo did not share his future plans, he said that he wants to work with more talented and incredible people and wants to learn as much as possible.

When asked about what his dream project is, he said, “I don’t have one.” Rather he wants to learn from “some of the greats” in the industry. Noah Centineo said that he wants to test his limits and just wants to focus on “expanding and learning more” about himself and see what he can achieve as an actor.

The Recruit is now streaming on Netflix.

Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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