Black Adam Test Screening Leak Seemingly Confirms Henry Cavill’s Superman Cameo

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Black Adam is set to hit the theatres soon enough, but the alleged test leaks have put the movie on an entirely new path. This leak goes on to explain the plot of the film as well as hint or rather confirm Henry Cavill’s Superman finally making his return in a cameo.

DC's Black Adam Theatrical Poster
DC’s Black Adam Theatrical Poster

Warning: The article contains heavy spoilers

To anyone wanting to know how the plot and Superman tie up, the alleged test screening leak has revealed major chunks of the plot including events revealed in the trailers as well. The leaker is also said to be a YouTuber Warstu. He revealed the total runtime of the movie, some character plotlines, and soft spoilers.


Black Adam Finds His Goals Of World Domination

The YouTuber gives the plot in bits and pieces, telling us only about specific scenes.

Black Adam begins by setting up the Justice Society of America’s first-ever team in the ancient period in Kahnqad. After the loss of his son, Teth Adam is granted his powers by the wizard of Shazam to avenge his son’s death. With this power, he then takes the throne away from the ruler who did so by taking it for himself.

Black Adam FandomWire
A still from Black Adam

This taste for power only grew as he decided to overthrow the entire world and make it his own instead. The wizard along with his team tries to defeat him and trap him in an amulet but remains unsuccessful.


Years after, in the modern day, Adrianna manages to free Adam and she and her child grow closer to the anti-hero.

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The Justice Society of America Awakens

Amongst the various superheroes alerted by the disturbance caused by Black Adam’s awakening, Hawkman decides to reunite and awaken the JSA once again after it being dormant since the Cold War. Due to the death of his wife, Hawkman’s morals towards heroism seem to have wavered.

Pierce Brosnan FandomWire
Pierce Brosnan in Doctor Fate’s suit from the Black Adam teaser

Although he chooses not to let his personal feelings get in the way of the problem at hand, being the imminent rise of Black Adam. He gathers the Justice Society of America with new members like Doctor Fate and Atom Smasher.

This also brings Cyclone, daughter of none other than Red Tornado himself, who used to be in the JSA previously.

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Henry Cavill’s Superman Makes A Comeback

These superheroes who might find it difficult to mix well with each other and have questionable morals decide to team up against a common foe, Sabbc. The JSA including Black Adam himself all join forces to defeat him.

The aftermath of the battle brings Black Adam back to his throne in Kahnqad alongside Adrianna and her child, restoring his faith in humanity. Hawkman too has a new image towards heroes and decides to train the new members of the JSA.

Man of Steel
DC’s Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill

The post-credit scene is what may be the most awaited scene of the movie. Previously seen in costume fittings and reportedly shot his scenes earlier this summer, Henry Cavill makes a whopping return as the Kryptonian, and perhaps regarding Amanda Waller is what connects him to the entire storyline in the first place.


Black Adam is set to release on October 21st, 2022 in theatres.

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