Black Adam: WB Eyeing Isabella Moner & Leslie Grace For Cyclone

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While production on the movie may have stalled, the Studio is leaving no stones unturned for making Black Adam a success. To that end, Warner Brothers is reportedly considering two rising stars of the movie making industry to play a prominent superhero in the DC Movie. For now, Black Adam has no release date but it is still under development, the wheels of which have not stopped entirely. Considering the choices for the cast, we have to assume Warner Brothers considers this one of their most valuable projects to date.


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The upcoming DC movie stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the titular anti hero. There will be other superheroes in the movie. The Justice Society is going to play a role. Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Sarah Shahi have been confirmed to play the roles of Hawkman, Atom Smasher, and Isis respectively. While casting for Doctor Fate is not confirmed yet, we now have official information on the actor playing Cyclone – the fourth superhero of the group.

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Transformers: The Last Knight’s Isabella Moner and Leslie Grace of In The Heights fame are under consideration for playing Maxine Hunkel aka Cyclone. Either of the stars have a lot to bring to the table. Cyclone, as has been revealed previously, is just a replacement for the character of Hawkgirl. For some reason, Hawkgirl will not be a part of the Black Adam movie. The Rock has said there’s a reason why Cyclone is taking the place of Hawkgirl in the movie. It will be revealed after the movie releases. That could be in 2021 or maybe even 2022 or 2023. Times are tumultuous right now. All we can do is hope everything is fine.

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Apart from Cyclone, the other characters with as of yet unconfirmed DC roles include Doctor Fate and Sabbac. There were rumors that Aladdin’s Marwan Kenzari was being considered for the role but there’s no source to official confirm it yet.

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Dwayne Johnson recently announced that Black Adam will be restarting production in Atlanta this spring. We can estimate a 2022 release date provided everything remains on track without COVID-19 throwing another monkey wrench.

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Now before you guys start forming opinions, we would like to say that these are still just rumors. There has been no official confirmation from the studio. So we have to wait a bit before finding some concrete evidence to support these claims. There’s a lot we don’t know right now. We have to wait and watch.

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If you ask us, we would say both Isabella Moner and Leslie Grace would do the role of Cyclone justice. Moner’s acting chops in Transformers: The Last Knight and Dore The Explorer were much appreciated. Singer-Songwriter Leslie Grace also has a very promising career ahead. If Warner Brothers intends to make a Justice Society of America spin-off movie, then either of the two actors will be more than enough to carry the legacy of Maxine Hunkel forward. Nothing much other than casting rumors are floating around for Black Adam at the moment. We will keep you posted on further updates.

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