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Black Bolt Powers in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Even though Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is right around the corner, it feels like we have been waiting for eternities. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, this MCU addition feels a lot known yet mysterious in every sense, one can owe this to the hype and speculations formed for it day by day. We know how Marvel is trying pretty too hard to keep it all a surprise but we do know that Illuminati will be playing a major role this time and what’s more fascinating is the entry of Black Bolt.

Black Bolt is renowned as the Silent King since his voice can truly result in disasters. However, this isn’t his only devastating power, there is a lot more to it. However, only a portion of his power and abilities have been introduced in the MCU. Let us have a quick look at what Doctor Strange has stored for us in terms of the Silent King’s powers and abilities.

Marvel Powerhouses lack his Superhuman Speed

Black Bolt's superspeed can overpower Hulk
Black Bolt’s superspeed can overpower Hulk

His superhuman speed makes him remain four steps ahead of other Marvel entities. This trait of his even got the powerful Hulk into a problem. When he landed from the sky and struck Hulk, he helped Hulk make his way straight through the side of a mountain inside the earth. Bolt frequently uses this ability of his along with his ability to fly to bring the best out of his strength. He is fast enough to dodge bullets. He is what we can compare with the “study of cells” since neither can be traced with naked eyes. One cannot just get past his speed.

Cosmic Awareness helps Black Bolt deal with danger

Bolt is blessed with Cosmic Powers too
Bolt is blessed with Cosmic Powers too

Black Bolt is blessed with Cosmic Awareness, which allows him to detect and perceive enormous dangers and changes in the cosmos. Franklin Richards from the future assisted him in learning how to utilize it. This capacity to sense impending danger allows him to cope with it more effectively.

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Telepathy and Mental Resistance

Doctor Strange too has Mind Powers
Doctor Strange too has Mind Powers

Black Bolt has some telepathic abilities as well. Because he is unable to speak, he must frequently engage in a “mind-meld” with Medusa. When this occurs, Black Bolt and Medusa can interact directly, but only telepathically. Black Bolt also has a certain level of mental resistance, allowing him to withstand others’ attempts to control his mind.

Can use Force-Blasts to drain opponents’ energy

Force Blasts can easily defeat opponents
Force Blasts can easily defeat opponents

Bolt can concentrate his energy into a single blast of energy known as a force blast. He may utilize this ability of his to shock or damage an enemy, smash through steel barriers, or do something even more remarkable like drain his opponents’ energy. Bolt truly has got some great powers to injure or even traumatize his enemy to never look back at him again.

He has got an amazing durability

Black Bolt is an Inhuman
Black Bolt is an Inhuman

His face-off with Hulk speaks a lot about his durability. Anybody trying to mess with our allegedly most powerful Hulk can result in getting slaughtered into pieces. But our bloke, the Silent King doesn’t even stand near to getting a good one by Hulk. Yes, we agree that this might be validated by his physiology as an Inhuman but let’s not deny the fact that no other than Bolt can withstand Hulk’s devastation.


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Written by Varshit Sharma

Marvel did what Mathematics didn't - it helped me find the value of X, which turned out to be 'Beware spoilers ahead!!'