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‘Atleast It’s Not a Mustache’: Hilarious Fan Reactions To Marvel Revealing Black Bolt’s Suit Was 100% CGI

The suit worn by Black Bolt was created using CGI. Doctor Strange 2 featured a number of Marvel comic superheroes as they made their MCU debut. One of the biggest reveals among all of the crazy aspects the Multiverse of Madness featured was The Illuminati on Earth 838. The members of the group included some of the most awaited characters like Richard Reed of Fantastic Four (John Krasinski), Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), Captain Marvel (Lashana Lynch), Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), and Black Bolt (Anson Mount). Though they were slaughtered by Scarlet Witch a little too easily, the fans got a glimpse of their MCU costumes.

Black Bolt was a member of The Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2
Black Bolt was a member of The Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2

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Black Bolt’s suit was 100% CGI in Doctor Strange 2

A recent behind-the-scenes featurette revealed that Black Bolt’s suit we saw in the movie, Doctor Strange 2, was completely CGI. The featurette titled, “Constructing the Multiverse” showed how the costume was created. The fans saw in the featurette that in a scene where Anson Mount was talking with Sam Raimi, he wasn’t wearing the costume but a mo-cap suit, which means that he never wore the costume of the superhero that we saw.

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Black Bolt's suit was created using CGI
Black Bolt’s suit was created using CGI

In the featurette, the only person fully dressed in the costume was Hayley Atwell. But the Black Bolt suit being CGI never appeared to be so. It was so well created that it looked more than real. The fans are more than stunned to find out the same and wonder why was the suit not real. Though the studio hasn’t shared any information on the same, it could’ve been because the actor joined the production later – during reshoots.

Fans have a hilarious reaction to the CGI-made suit

Fans have a hilarious reaction to the CGI suit
Fans have a hilarious reaction to the CGI suit

To anyone who has watched the movie, it would be hard to believe that the suit worn by Black Bolt wasn’t real. Marvel fans have expressed amazement on the same. But some have even made hilarious comments. Some even said that it was done to save the money that would’ve been spent on an entire costume for a short role.

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Check out some of the tweets below.

The fan reaction to the suit being CGI is absolutely hilarious. But let’s hope the next time we see Black Bolt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his costume is a real one.

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