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“It’s definitely not about minority erasure”: Black Canary Series Starring Jurnee Smollett Confirmed To Move Forward After Batgirl Gets Shelved Proves David Zaslav Was Judged Harshly

It is confirmed that Black Canary Series slated to be made on HBO Max is still in development. Recently DC made it to the headlines after Batgirl got canceled. As per the reason cited by Warner Bros. Discovery, Batgirl was canceled by the studio due to bad reactions from early screenings. The studio wants to implement some new plans and according to it, they will not release any movie which can’t promise them good reactions as well as good box-office numbers.

Birds of Prey Black Canary
Jurnee Smollett as Black Canary in Birds of Prey

As these new statements didn’t seem convincing enough to the fans, they took no time to find a racial angle in them. But now with the recent updates coming, it does feel like maybe the fans were a bit too harsh with the studio and its statements as the case seem different than what was being concluded.

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Black Canary is not in danger from the studio

Black Canary no more in danger
The release date of Black Canary is yet to be known

It was reported sometimes back that a Black Canary movie is in making for HBO Max which will star Jurnee Smollett in the lead role. Jurnee Smollett earlier portrayed the role of Black Canary in Birds of Prey. This standalone movie is about to continue Black Canary’s story after that movie. Now while the movie itself failed to make a mark, the upcoming project even lacked any updates and announcements in recent times which resulted in the fans fearing its cancellation more. But now to everyone’s relief, it is again reported that the movie is proceeding in a safe direction and is currently not under any threat.

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As the project is still in its initial phases, more details are yet to be known including the director and other cast and crew.

David Zaslav was judged too hard

Idris Elba as Bloodsport to return
Idris Elba as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad (2021)

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As the news of the Black Canary was confirmed, another news was also dropped recently which instantly sparked excitement among the fans. Idris Elba made news of his return as it is reported that a Bloodsport project starring him is also confirmed to proceed. This not only brought excitement for the DC fans but also trashed the arguments citing that the new CEO is affected by skin color and racism.

It is a very notable detail that Black Canary is a white character in the comics but is portrayed by a black actress in the DC cinematic universe. And now with confirmation of Idris Elba’s project, it can’t be said that the Batgirl was canceled due to any racial undertone involved while the others are saved. It can be concluded that the fans were too harsh as well as too fast to link David Zaslav’s move with minority erasure.

Source: TVLine

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