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Black Comic Book Characters That Need Their Own Movies

There’s excitement in the air ladies and gentlemen because we’re getting a Val Zod movie, finally! Oh, wait it’s not Val Zod? It’s Michael B. Jordan as Clark Kent? Well, that kind of sucks. I need to take a minute to cry in the shower listening to Usher’s 2004 hit single – Burn. Un momento, por favor. All jokes aside Jordan is not a terrible actor nor is he a terrible choice to play a superhero again. Even though it was rumored, that was quickly shut down by the actor himself. The movie is still very real that’ll be a team effort between J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates. As interesting as this collaboration will be I think movie audiences and comic book fans alike are hungry for something fresh. This article is here to give readers exactly that! Here are five black comic book characters that need their own movies.


An Assassin With Superpowers:

The Silencer is one of the most unique characters in comics today with the power to mute her surroundings in order to perform assassinations. Honor Guest is a former contract killer for Leviathan. That’s a network of assassins of Talia al Ghul. An action-packed-thriller that gives off Matrix, Inception and John Wick vibes all in one.


A Scifi-Horror:

It is confirmed that War Machine will be receiving his very own show on Disney+ titled, Armor Wars. As exciting as that is it would be even cooler if War Machine had an original feature-length script written for him. As Armor Wars originally was a Tony Stark story that had some of its elements already told in previous Iron Man films. Allow War Machine to be granted the Doomguy treatment. Where James Rhodes is stuck in a hellish-cyborg dimension that he must fight through. Don’t forget to add plenty of metal music and sick new guns for him.

static shock

The Heart And Soul Of The Dakotaverse:

Static is the heart and soul of the Dakotaverse. When people think of Milestone heroes the first name that comes to mind is Static and his popular incarnation on TV as Static Shock. This is a character that brings a lot to the table from discussions of single parenthood, gang violence, racism, and overcoming internal struggles. Virgil Hawkins as Static is a fun-loving teenager that just wants to do what’s right for his family and his city. This movie would also open doors for more black Milestone characters such as Icon.

mr. trerrific

Third Smartest Human In DC, 14 College Degrees, Billionaire And Gold Medal Olympian:

Michael Holt aka Mister/Mr. Terrific is the most underrated and most overlooked hero on this list. His story is incredible from being a childhood prodigy, his brother passing away at a young age, being an Olympian. Then becoming self-made from using his intelligence to falling in love and losing the love of his life and unborn child in a car accident. Nearly killing himself one day but is visited by a paranormal being persuading him not to take his own life. After deciding not to waste his life, use his intellect along with his financial resources to better his community, and become the hero that he is today in comics.

john stewart

Zack Snyder’s Green Lantern Solo Movie:

The big studio folks just need to give Zack Snyder a chance to give the fans what they’ve been asking for… For years! After the box office flop of the last Green Lantern movie, fans would love to see John Stewart in the spotlight that he deserves under a director that is passionate about bringing this character to life. Not only is Stewart one of the more, if not most popular Lantern for fans in their 20s/30s.

He is a compelling character that went through so many trials and tribulations into becoming one of the greatest Green Lanterns. It would be great to see the Mosaic story from the comics be brought to the big screen where Stewart is the watcher of an entire planet. That deals with the idea of god, life, death, and religion. Fun fact, he’s the only Lantern whose ring purposely shut down because its user’s willpower was far too strong to handle!


There are many black superheroes in comics today, but these are just a few to kick off a brand new renaissance in this genre of movies. Let us know at Fandomwire which black heroes you would like to see get their own movies and who would direct? Follow Fandomwire for more articles and news like this!

Written by Barry Buzzkill

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