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‘They are the new Greek Gods’: Black Panther 2 Star Tenoch Huerta Says Becoming Namor Will Bring Latin American Culture To The Front

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Marvel is closing off Phase 4 with the November release of Black Panther 2 in 2022. The highly anticipated sequel to one of the best MCU movies comes in the aftermath of its lead character, Chadwick Boseman’s untimely and tragic passing. And Black Panther: Wakanda Forever serves as a glorious tribute to the legendary actor and his legacy while also reclaiming the MCU storyline and introducing new players into the mix.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s first look revealed at SDCC ’22

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The film will return with members of its original cast which include Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, and Winston Duke as well as feature new faces such as Michaela Coel, Tenoch Huerta, and Dominique Thorne.

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Black Panther 2 Introduces Namor and Boseman’s Successor

In the recently released trailer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the absence of Chadwick Boseman can be felt through every resounding scene and montage of the film. Angela Bassett, Letitia Wright, and Danai Gurira return in their acclaimed roles and set up home in the narrative that is primarily taking place in a post-Infinity Saga setting. The movie also introduces the Atlantian Namor as he launches himself into the MCU with a full-scale war on the surface dwellers’ world.

Black Panther 2
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer offers a glimpse of Boseman’s successor

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The Black Panther sequel has been a long time coming and fans have waited for the new Panther-blessed superhero to take the mantle passed down by Boseman. The internet has remained witness to the extensive debates relating to the same and as of now, fans have narrowed it down to Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia. Although Shuri becoming the next Black Panther will stay true to the comic storyline, Marvel has been known to stray from the designated path more than once.

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Tenoch Huerta Delivers a Powerful Cultural Message at SDCC

The new antagonist in Black Panther 2 will be portrayed by Tenoch Huerta who embodies the Marvel mutant, Namor, also known as the Sub-Mariner. Claimed to officially introduce mutants into the mainstream MCU, Namor’s entry has been widely celebrated with ubiquitous praise from all factions of the Marvel fandom.

Tenoch Huerta debuts as Namor in Black Panther 2
Tenoch Huerta debuts as Namor in Black Panther 2

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The actor at the 2022 SDCC took the opportunity of the platform provided to him to relay a powerful and heartfelt message to the fans: “Finally I could see people like me, even though my heritage is different, people like me being heroes with superpowers. They are the new Greek Gods.” Even among all the excitement, new announcements, and welcome applause at the SDCC, the Black Panther 2 cast didn’t forget to dedicate a sober tribute to Boseman on stage.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever releases theatrically on 11 November 2022.

Source: Variety

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