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“It was a pain for Marvel Studios”: Black Panther 2 Production Was Stalled For Months As Letitia Wright Nearly Became MCU’s Ezra Miller That Almost Destroyed the Film

Letitia Wright and Black Panther

While Black Panther 2 has been making quite the buzz on the online sphere as of late, many may have yet to forget the scandal from 2020 surrounding lead actress, Letitia Wright. Back then, the Black Panther alum had tweeted out the link to a YouTube video regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, which expressed skepticism and questioned the safety of vaccines in general. The actress, upon facing major backlash, had then responded with how it’s not unfair to “ask what’s in it.”

In an apology statement, she also detailed how she intended to “raise concern” about what vaccines contain and what people put inside their bodies.

Letitia Wright
Letitia Wright

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That wasn’t where it ended for the Black Panther 2-star, though. She had also, around the same time, flared up speculations and criticisms when she showed support for several tweets advocating for the cancellation of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Following the immeasurable disapproval faced by the 28-year-old actress, deleting her Twitter account was what deemed her suitable.

Disney, however, deciding to take a route of action comparable to the Warner Bros. Discovery-Ezra Miller fiasco, remained absolutely silent, with no intention to address the issue; perhaps hoping the mass reproach would cease with time.

How Black Panther 2 Production Was Stalled For Months

Black Panther 2 actress
The introducing scene of Shuri in Black Panther (2018).

In 2021, the production of the film was primarily put to a halt, following an injury suffered by Letitia Wright. Additionally, the actress headed home back to the UK. Reports started pouring in that detailed how the stringent Covid-19 guidelines may act as an obstruction and not allow the actress to return to the U.S. to continue the shoot for Black Panther 2.

Following the previous anti-vax comments, there was a growing concern about Wright not following the vaccination protocols. It only reached a penultimate peak when The Hollywood Reporter detailed in a report that the actress is “not vaccinated”, according to certain sources.

Other reports had surfaced earlier this year which marked how the production for Black Panther 2, which barely started resuming following Wright’s recovery, had to stop again following a Covid-19 outbreak on set.

Letitia Wright and the tale of Black Panther 2 production
Letitia Wright and the tale of Black Panther 2 production

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Therefore, the production process for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been long, painstaking, and arduous, with one setback, following the other. In Matthew Belloni’s podcast, The Town, the former THR editor sat down with Deadline’s Justin Kroll to discuss the challenges that Marvel Studios faced, as Wright’s actions were leading up to an Ezra Miller-esque production disruption.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Suffered Due To Wright’s Controversies

Following the anti-vax statements expressed by the young actress, Matthew Belloni remarked how the production for the upcoming sequel was “absolutely disrupted by some of the stuff [done by Letitia Wright].” 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The podcast host also detailed how beyond the problematic anti-vax stance on Twitter, there were other things Wright was involved in, namely, how “she went to the UK, and there were questions about whether she could come back” or not, alluding to her lack of following the Covid-19 vaccination protocols. He concluded his statement by saying how “it was a pain for Marvel Studios.”

Similarly, Justin Kroll had the following to say in reference to the topic of Letitia Wright:

“This goes back to the industry … There are plenty of people in this town [Hollywood] that are not vaccinated, that choose to not do it. But they were also, maybe, quiet about it. There are some rumors about movie stars but they never say it one way or the other … All I know is that, once she [Wright] started being vocal [about the vaccination stuff] you did not hear her name for things [roles.]”

Kroll pointed out how there are people in the Hollywood industry who tend to be “jerks” and “still get names” but when such contentious opinions are vocally aired to the public, that is when the audience and the studio executives get “wary” about it.

Black Panther 2 trailer offers a glimpse of Boseman's successor
Black Panther 2

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However, to give another perspective, the Senior Film Reporter remarked how with the reception of Black Panther 2, the actress is most likely to get roles and recognition again. Provided, of course, Wright is quiet about her stance.

While the success of Black Panther 2 may subdue public criticism against the actress for a while, it is yet to be seen whether or not Letitia Wright would manage to rise beyond the controversies people remember her for.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is slated for a November 11, 2022 release.

Source: The Town

Written by Debdipta Bhattacharya

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