Black Panther 2 Star Winston Duke Explains His Comedic Relief in ‘Grief-Struck’ Movie, Reveals His Iconic Insult Was Improvised

Black Panther 2 Star Winston Duke Explains His Comedic Relief in ‘Grief-Struck’ Movie, Revealas His Iconic Insult Was Improvised
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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was released in theatres on November 11 in the United States. The movie has been critically acclaimed and viewers are huge fans as well. One could say that Wakanda Forever was a movie that woke Marvel Studios from a deep sleep and reignited people’s love for theatres in the modern world taken over by streaming sites. The brilliant acting, interesting characters, incredible background music, and beautifully depicted story altogether made watching the movie in theatres a worthwhile experience.

Winston Duke as M'Baku
Winston Duke as M’Baku

The experience as a whole was quite bittersweet for fans. While they were happy to see events unfold, Chadwick Boseman’s apparent absence was hard on the audience. Actor Winston Duke who plays the character of M’Baku in the movie was one factor that eased the tension a bit. His improvised comic timing came as a sigh of relief, something which the audience direly needed.

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Winston Duke Knows How to Get a Laugh

Winston Duke
Actor Winston Duke

While Marvel movies are known to be hilarious with their little tidbits, Wakanda Forever decided to take the lesser tread road. Since the sequel was honoring the legacy of late actor Chadwick Boseman, the movie was quite emotional for viewers. However, there were a few scenes in the movie that guaranteed a laugh from the audience. One such scene involves actor Winston Duke.

Dora Milaje, the all-female special forces unit is a group that is dreaded by Wakanda’s worst enemies. The last thing anyone would want is to lock horns with the spear-swinging squad. Well, except for M’Baku. M’Baku called the leader of Dora Milaje, Okoye, a “bald-headed demon” while casually munching off of a carrot. This particular dialogue got the whole theatre to erupt in laughter.

Now, Duke took to Twitter to reveal that the iconic phrase wasn’t even in the script. It was in fact, improvised by him on the spot. He stated that the intention behind his improvised dialogue was to act as a “vent for a pressure cooker” which basically means he wanted to let the steam off a bit.


The replies to his tweet were filled to the brim with positive feedback. Fans stated that they couldn’t believe the line was thought up by Duke at the moment. Some even said that that line was one of the funniest lines in the entirety of MCU.

Duke’s hilarious improvisation was much needed in the movie. M’Baku was one of the biggest reasons why Wakanda Forever is a wholesome experience.

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Winston Duke’s M’Baku Became a Fan-Favorite

M'Baku In Black Panther
Winston Duke as M’Baku In Black Panther

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Wakanda Forever was full of great elements. Every actor made the characters feel so realistic that fans couldn’t help but feel for the fictional people. M’Baku was one such character that became a fan-favorite after Wakanda Forever.

People went so far as to state that M’Baku made the whole movie. Fans pointed out how he was like an older brother to Shuri, who was just learning how to be a warrior like her brother, T’Challa. M’Baku was praised for how gentle he was with Shuri and fans were quick to see and appreciate how much the character has grown since the first movie.



M’Baku made quite a permanent place for himself in the hearts of Black Panther fans. Some are even hoping that the character gets his own TV show soon. With many rumors going around about the Wakandas getting a few of their own TV series, maybe M’Baku can have one all to himself. After all, fans love the character! Duke’s comic timing surely adds the cherry on top as well!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently playing in theatres.


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