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Black Panther: 5 Things the Comic Book Version Did That We Liked (& 5 We Didn’t)

The sad demise of Chadwick Boseman has brought forth a plethora of memories. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will never be the same without the One True Black Panther. He deserves all the respect he could get. In the comic books, Marvel has done what it could to keep his legacy true to fans’ expectations. Sometimes Black Panther, in the comic books, has gone over and beyond in ways we did not want him to all thanks to the morons at Marvel.

Liked: Defeating Enemies More Powerful Than Him

black panther vs silver surfer

Black Panther is a cross between Marvel’s Iron Man and DC Comics’ Batman. He is smart, intelligent, and exceedingly brilliant. He also trains rigorously to maintain the physical edge. In terms of sheer power, Black Panther is comparable to Captain America. But he has defeated foes way stronger than any Avengers. Many super villains like Doctor Doom and the Demon Lord Mephisto have fallen to the Black Panther’s might. Even the Silver Surfer, the superhero with the potent Power Cosmic in his grasp, has been out-witted and defeated by T’Challa.

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Didn’t Like: Made Him Spy on the Avengers

black panther spies on avengers avengers #52

Black Panther left the boundaries of his home nation and went on to live a life as one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. As an Avenger, Black Panther became one of the most respected figures in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But his joining the group in Avengers #52 came with an ulterior motif. Black Panther originally wanted to spy on the Avengers, collecting information on them so as to use it against them if they ever become a threat. Black Panther initially joined the team because he believed the Avengers were a threat to his nation. His conservative and protectionist beliefs changed once he became a full-time member.

Liked: Part of Many Prominent Superhero Teams

black panther defenders superhero

Marvel did not just create Black Panther to include diversity within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. They actually ensured that Black Panther was a member in many of the famous superhero teams of the times. Black Panther joined the Avengers a few issues after his debut. He is also a part of the Fantastic Four and an honorary member of the mutant superhero team the X-Men. The Defenders is another superhero group of Marvel Comics that has had Black Panther as a member for years. Like Spider-Man, Black Panther is the common link between many teams. It is good to know that Black Panther has been around so much.

Didn’t Like: Manipulated by Doctor Doom

black panther kshamba doom slave

Black Panther is a King first and a superhero second. His topmost priority has always been his people. Black Panther lives and breathes to protect Wakanda. There is no way around that. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect his nation. In Marvel Knights 2099: Black Panther #1, comic book readers were left petrified after seeing a Black Panther who had zero loyalty towards his nation. The Black Panther of this universe was K’Shamba. When Doctor Doom attacked Wakanda in this reality, K’Shamba fought him as the new Black Panther. Doom fled after being defeated. It is later revealed to everyone’s surprise that he was acting on Doom’s orders.

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Liked: Gave Him Superhuman Senses Rivaling Daredevil’s

black panther superhuman senses

Black Panther already had a keen sense of sight and hearing, something he honed since childhood with proper training. After ingesting the heart-shaped herb, his senses increased to superhuman levels. Black Panther can see in pitch black darkness. He has ultra-violet vision. It also applies to long distances. He also has a heightened sense of smell which he uses to distinguish between different people, track enemies, and even use it as a human lie detector. That is how he knew Susan Richards was lying in Black Panther Volume 4 #24. His taste buds are also on superhuman levels. His sense of taste allows him to detect the individual ingredients of anything he ingests.

Didn’t Like: Shot the Hulk Into Space

black panther illuminati world war hulk

The Illuminati consisted of the greatest minds of the Marvel Comic Book Universe from diverse backgrounds. They would come together for secret meetings where they would assess a threat before it threatens the entire planet. Then they would secretly reach a consensus to deal with it before things escalate beyond their control. One of the threats was the Hulk. Prone to uncontrollable rampages, the Illuminati came to the conclusion that the Earth was better off without him. Black Panther voted in favor of sending his own team-mate to space. That painted Black Panther in a bad light and the fans did not like it.

Liked: Fighting the KKK

black panther kkk south georgia

Racism is the scum that resides in the vilest creatures of humanity. People who believe a particular race or ethnicity is superior to the rest, even though they share the same damn genes, is not just wrong but also inhuman. The KKK are the stalwarts of such a moronic philosophy. And in the comic books, Black Panther has fought the KKK and made them bite the dust. Like Captain America was made to punch Adolf Hitler in the face, Black Panther has punched the KKK Clansmen where it hurts the most. We meant the face but if you thought of someplace else in the human body, we pray your wishes come true.

Didn’t Like: Shut Down Iron Man’s Artificial Heart

black panther tony stark artificial heart

Black Panther and Tony Stark and indirectly rivals! Both are extremely smart. Both have access to vast fortunes and resources. Both are known for their leadership skills. There was bound to be a fight between the two sometime. In Black Panther #45, a parallel reality version of Iron Man fought the Black Panther. In a fit of rage, T’Challa used a device he had personally built to stop Tony Stark’s artificial heart. The device killed the evil Iron Man. Tony Stark was left in shock to even think that T’Challa could have something of this sort in his possession.

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Liked: Gave Him Clairvoyance

black panther kiber the cruel psychic powers

Black Panther and psychic powers do not mix. But in one issue, T’Challa actually gained the ability of seeing the future. In the said issue, T’Challa fights Kiber the Cruel, a vampire who feeds on energy. After being exposed to a mound of vibranium, the radiation mutates his neural anatomy and gives him nightmarish visions of the future. Using his newfound psychic abilities, he tracks down Kiber the Cruel to a secret cave lair. Defeating the energy vampire restores not just his sight but also takes away his temporary psychic powers.

Didn’t Like: Beheaded Sabretooth

black panther beheads sabretooth

Sabretooth may be an X-Men foe but he has had run-ins with several other non-mutant Avengers. Black Panther in particular had fought the mutant villain multiple times in the past. But Black Panther Volume 4 #7, the fight between the two met a definitive end. Black Panther was targeted by Magneto, who sent Sabretooth to assassinate him. Sabretooth could not defeat T’Challa, who then used a sword to decapitate an already defeated Sabretooth. The severed head was then shipped to Magneto as a ‘present’.

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