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‘Black Panther’ VS. The MCU: Opening Weekend & Worldwide Grosses


With all the talk of Black Panther’s multi-record breaking opening weekend (Biggest February Opening Ever, Biggest Opening Day for a Non-Team Up MCU film, Highest Opening for an African American Director, Highest Monday Gross of All Time, Etc.), it might be good to take a look at where it ranks in the MCU overall for opening weekend grosses and then where it stands for worldwide grosses so far.

Check out the stats below for the rankings thus far:

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Highest Opening Weekends in the MCU:

1.) The Avengers: $207,438,708

2.) Black Panther: $201,797,000

3.) Avengers: Age of Ultron: $191,271,109

4.) Captain America: Civil War: $179,139,142

5.) Iron Man 3: $174,144,585

6.) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: $146,510,104

7.) Iron Man 2: $128,122,480

8.) Thor: Ragnarok: $121,005,000

9.) Spider-Man: Homecoming: $117,027,503

10.) Iron Man: $98,618,668

11.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier: $95,023,721

12.) Guardians of the Galaxy: $94,320,883

13.) Thor: The Dark World: $85,737,841

14.) Doctor Strange: $85,058,311

15.) Thor: $65,723,338

16.) Captain America: The First Avenger: $65,058,524

17.) Ant-Man: $57,225,526

18.) The Incredible Hulk: $55,414,050



Highest Worldwide Grosses in the MCU:

1.) The Avengers: $1,518,812,988

2.) Avengers: Age of Ultron: $1,405,403,694

3.) Iron Man 3: $1,214,811,252

4.) Captain America: Civil War: $1,153,304,495

5.) Spider-Man: Homecoming: $880,166,924

6.) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: $863,562,289

7.) Thor: Ragnarok: $853,450,372 (as of 2/19/18)

8.) Guardians of the Galaxy: $773,328,629

9.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier: $714,264,267

10.) Doctor Strange: $677,718,395

11.) Thor: The Dark World: $644,571,402

12.) Iron Man 2: $623,933,331

13.) Iron Man: $585,174,222

14.) Ant-Man: $519,311,965

15.) Thor: $449,326,618

16.) Black Panther: $404,000,000 (as of Monday, 2/19/18)

17.) Captain America: The First Avenger: $370,569,774

18.) The Incredible Hulk: $263,427,551


Not only is the opening weekend tally impressive (and inches away from #1), but the worldwide total has already out-grossed Captain America: The First Avenger and The Incredible Hulk after just one weekend!

How high do you think it will go? Let us know below!

Written by Mike DeAngelo

Mike DeAngelo is a husband, father, superhero enthusiast, and all-around film lover that hails from the mostly-frigid Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When he’s not watching movies, he’s probably thinking, writing, and talking about movies. When he’s not watching, thinking, writing, or talking about movies, he’s probably sleeping or changing diapers. He began his film-writing obsession a few years back on a site called Back to the Features and recently brought his talents to FandomWire because he needs more movie-obsessed friends. Mike also works with a Software-as-a-Service company named Zywave, as, let’s face it, film-writing doesn’t pay the bills these days.

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