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Black Superman Movie Still ‘On Track’ Despite Henry Cavill’s Return To DCEU

blacksuperman and henry cavil

Ever since Henry Cavill had ceased to appear on the screen as DC’s Superman, fans had very boldly put it out there that not taking the British actor back for the role would be a grave mistake on the part of Warner Bros.

And though WB finally seems to have heeded this warning with Henry Cavill officially set to make his comeback to the DCEU, there are still many different things at play, especially concerning Superman.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

It’s clear that the franchise is trying its level best to restore the fan-favorite superhero’s reputation that had taken a hit after Cavill’s absence. The same is also conspicuous as WB tries to push for a Black Superman movie, despite the return of the Man of Steel.

WB’s Black Superman movie is still set to go ahead

A reboot of Superman featuring a Black Man of Steel by J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates had been reported to go into production for Warner Bros. Discovery quite a while ago. But with Henry Cavill‘s much-awaited comeback to the DCEU, fans hadn’t expected the Black Superman movie to move forward. Then again, DC has always been one for surprises.

Many of Abrams’ projects associated with WB had either been scrapped or simply been put on hold in the search for new platforms, so the filmmaker’s role in the studio is still a little unclear. But regardless of that, his involvement with the Black Superman movie is reportedly pretty solid.

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Black Superman
A Black Superman movie is reportedly still in the works

According to recent rumors, even though there have been no updates about the writing, casting, or release of the film, it’s still good to go. “It is unclear where the Superman moves leave Abrams, who is still on track to produce Coates’ movie centered on the last son of Krypton,” the report claimed.

Though any official word has not been given out yet, it looks like Cavill’s return as Man of Steel is not likely going to deter WB from going ahead with their Black Superman movie.

How is having multiple iterations of Superman going to play out for DC?

The rumors about a new Superman reboot and a Man of Steel sequel seem to be clashing against each other. But having a Black Superman seems to be a good herald for WB, considering that the prospect would help set up a different tone for the superhero. Or at least that’s how it would be at face value.

On the other side, this new development might not bode too well for the franchise, given that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav had announced a “10-year plan for the DC IPs” just a couple of months back in August.

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David Zaslav set to take WB in a new direction
David Zaslav set to take WB in a new direction

The said plan of Zaslav promised a fresh, new approach towards the superhero franchise wherein the sole focus would be on DC, similar to the way Disney had planned for Marvel Studios. And with the Black Superman movie being a project outside of the DCEU, it would inherently mean going against the aforementioned plan.

As of right now though, no concrete timeframes or production plans for Superman’s reboot involving a Black iteration of the character have been dished out. So, it looks like all fans can do is wait and see how WB moves forward with this new venture.

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