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Black Widow: 10 Mind-Blowing Theories Based On The New Trailer

Marvel Studios released a new trailer for Black Widow. With completely new elements, the new trailer opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities for the movie.

Hawkeye Will Appear

A popular fan theory claims that Black Widow will finally reveal what happened in Budapest. a good portion of the movie will be dedicated just for that. What was the secret mission Hawkeye and Black Widow keep referring to? Something big happened in Budapest and considering this might be the final Black Widow appearance in the MCU, it is about time the fans know. This would also mean Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye will make a short appearance.

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Taskmaster Is Black Widow’s Clone

The comic books state that Taskmaster is an international mercenary with a gift for martial arts. After analyzing his opponents’ movies, Taskmaster can copy them to absolute perfection using his photographic memory. The identity of the Taskmaster is a mystery in the Black Widow movie. Natasha Romanoff is considered to be the greatest Black Widow. To send someone to bring her back, they need an operative just as skilled. if this is true, it opens up a way for Black Widow to re-enter the MCU post Endgame.

Alexei Shostakov Is Black Widow’s Father

The Black Widow trailer showed Natasha reuniting with her surrogate family. Yelena, Melina, Alexei greet her with open arms. The characters are also featured in the new Black Widow trailer. But there might be more than what meets the eye. In Endgame, Red Skull said that Black Widow’s father’s name is Ivan. That is something even Black Widow did not know. Alexei Shostakov aka the Red Guardian could be Black Widow’s biological father. Some say he is bound to be the sacrificial piece in the movie to create more emotional impact.

Melina Is The Daughter Of Dreykov

Rachel Weisz’s character is a total enigma. Melina appears to be an ally of Black Widow and her associates. Many claim she is not what she appears to be. Melina might be Taskmaster. Others state that Melina has a darker history connected to Black Widow’s past. in The Avengers (2012), Loki mentioned Black Widow has wronged Dreykov’s daughter. Rachel Weisz’s character is exacting revenge on Black Widow for wronging her father – Dreykov.

Black Widows Have Infiltrated SHIELD & The Avengers

In the trailer, Dreykov is seen looking at a monitor. the monitor shows the world map with several dots all across the globe. Some say that these red dots are Black Widow operatives under Dreykov’s control. Dreykov has regained control of the Black widow program and created an army of sleeper cells and agents. Since Black widows are essentially spies, Dreykov could have instructed them to infiltrate the most powerful organizations of the MCU. SHIELD and the Avengers are compromised. The Black Widows are everywhere.

The Winter Soldier Trained Black Widow

Many do not know this but Bucky Barnes was once the official instructor for Black Widow initiates for the Soviet red room project. It is entirely possible that this element is being carried over from the comic books to the movies. The Black Widows are most probably trained by the Winter Soldier. As to why Natasha Romanoff does not remember Bucky, there is a very simple explanation. The Red Room program was used to implant fake memories onto the minds of the Black Widows, causing repetitive amnesia. Black Widow’s memories might have been manipulated into forgetting she ever met Bucky.

Taskmaster Is a Product Of The Winter Soldier Program

In the comic books, the Winter Soldier is actually the super soldier of Soviet Russia, not HYDRA. In the MCU, Hydra has many strongholds in the USSR. The Winter Soldier program is something that is still shrouded in mystery. We know next to nothing about it except the fact that Bucky is a part of it. It is possible that Dreykov is Ex-Hydra and spearheaded the Winter Soldier program. When Hydra was taken down, he used his experience to lead the Black Widow program, the final product being the Taskmaster.

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The Endgame Black Widow Was Not Natasha Romanoff

We had been asking for a Black Widow movie since time immemorial. We finally got this movie after Black Widow died in Endgame. Some fans considered the timing of the Black Widow movie to be in poor taste. There is an ongoing theory that Black Widow is actually not dead in the MCU. The version that dies in Endgame is actually Yelena disguised as Natasha. This might diminish her sacrifice but it is a plausible way to keep Natasha alive for MCU Phase 4 and beyond.

Tony Stark Responsible For Creating Taskmaster

Before Tony Stark gained his bearings again, he tried all sorts of ways to create a guardian angel for the world. His actions led to the creation of Ultron. We all know how that went. His paranoia led him to create an evil A.I that nearly destroyed the planet. When Ultron was unsuccessful, he could have moved on to a different kind of contingency. After analyzing the fighting styles and tactics of all the avengers, Tony Stark could have created an A.I or a learning apparatus that could read any Avenger and contain him or her in a fight. Taskmaster is Tony starks’ contingency in case any avenger went rogue.

Black Widow Is A Super Soldier Just Like Captain America

Steve Rogers was given the super soldier serum. His body changed drastically. Rogers is the very best of humanity with peak physical and mental attributes. The term super soldier is a bit confusing. A Super soldier is not just a person having been injected with the super soldier serum. There are several ways to become a super soldier in the MCU. As seen in the Falcon And The Winter Soldier, a super soldier serum that does not buff up your body but still makes you near superhuman is indeed possible. Black Widow’s superhuman stamina and acrobatic skills could be a result of a different kind of super soldier experiment. The Red Room Program creates Black Widows. And each Black Widow is a super soldier in her own right.

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