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Black Widow: 19 Fan Reactions To The Post-Credits Scene

Black Widow: 19 Fan Reactions To The Post Credits Scene

With the protagonist of the same name or Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow is a superhit. Besides, the movie managed to maintain an IMDb rating of 7/10. The audience is applauding the spy thriller for the storyline is around Natasha’s past her family. But, the fan reactions to the post-credits scene are astonishing.

Fans are reacting to the post-credit scene as none has seen before. They do not draw up by writing reviews on social media. The exciting part is the memes they are posting. Here are some reactions by the fans to the fantastic post-credits scene of the film.

1.Fine during the movie, but the post-credit scene got them!

Fan took reference from The Office to express the feeling after watching the post-credit scene.

Fans react to Black Widow post credit scene
Fans tweet reaction to post credit scene

2. No thoughts

Alert! Here may be some spoilers.

Fandomwire Video
Marvel's Black Widow
Spoiler Alert!!!

3. Definitely teared up !

Here is another fan’s reaction to the post-credit scene of Black Widow. Again,fans got tears as they saw the post-credit scene.

Fans Reaction Tweet

4.It was jaw-dropping

The post-credit scene came as a great shock to the fans. It was something that they did not saw coming while watching the movie.

Post credit scene was jaw dropping
It was jaw dropping

5.Here comes a reference from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Another reaction that communicates how shocked the audience was.

Fans react using meme templates
Probably no other show could give such great references

6.Black Widow -Painful post-credit scene

Thanks for the pain, says Black Widow fans after watching the post-credit scene.

Another fan review
Thanks for the pain

7. Had me literally gasping

Black Widow post credit scene


Black Widow
Interesting and shocking

9. Saw it coming but it had me.

Black Widow's post credit scene reactions
It had me like that

10. Broken !

Fan reactions
Oh,even this popular meme template is utilized.

11. Fun to Funeral

Black Widow fans
Fun to Funeral

12. Psychological damages

MCU Black Widow spoiler

13. Snoop Dogg’s meme template

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

14. Tons of emotional fan reactions

Crying fan reactions
Tons of such memes and reactions

15. Ah ! Pain .

Marvel's fans in pain
This is so much of pain

16. Another spoiler alert !

MCU fans react
Finally , slightly different reaction.

17. That gutted me.

emotional fans react MCU
Emotional fan reactions

18. Looks like Marvel fans are really depressed

MCU fans depressed
MCU fans depressed

19. Fans react using Brooklyn Nine-Nine templates

Black Widow depressed fans
B99 Reactions

The meme templates express their reactions clarifies that the fans are somehow depressed with the post-credit scene. Fans are ruling social media with #blackwidow.

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