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Black Widow Actor David Harbour Reveals He Knows Where Red Guardian Was During Endgame

Why didn’t Red Guardian show up during the climactic final battle in Avengers: Endgame? Black Widow actor David Harbour, who plays the Russian superhero in the movie, reveals he might have an answer. Director Cate Shortland and Harbour may have an idea about Red Guardian’s whereabouts during the Battle For Earth.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie – Black Widow, will serve as a prequel to the titular super-spy. Even though the movie is releasing after Endgame, its events happen way before any of the other MCU shows and movies. And that is why it is plausible to think Black Widow characters like Red Guardian would be around when Endgame happened. So obviously this question had to turn up at some point of time. If Red Guardian was there all along, why didn’t he turn up for the battle? And if he did not, where was he all these years? In an interview with, this is what he said:

“I mean the fun thing about this entire thing is that we go back and we build out this structure for something new,” David Harbour said. “So all this new content with a lot of information about the movies that moves forward with these other projects, the new Phase. And you also get to introduce these new characters. Cate Shortland and I had all kinds of speculations about where Red Guardian is, and what happens to him. There were a lot of fun ideas that we had, but I haven’t asked [Kevin] Feige himself. I’ll do that later.”

From the way Cate Shortland and David Harbour are creating character details for Red Guardian, one thing seems to be sure. Red Guardian will probably survive the events of Black Widow since the actor and the Director are crafting a story for him to serve as his Endgame alibi. Harbour does say that even though some detailing for Red Guardian’s future has been done, nothing is set in stone. They still have to get the official nod from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige.

David Harbour has been busy lately. He has mentioned multiple times about the possibility of a Russian Avengers Team Marvel might be working on in the near future. Now with red Guardian getting a push for his backstory and more character details being added, it looks more and more clear that Marvel studios just might not be done with Alexei Shostakov after the events of Black Widow.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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