Black Widow Star Scarlett Johansson Wants To Be Seen as an Actor, Not a ‘Bombshell’ – Infuriated After Being Forced To Play ‘Objects of Desire’

Black Widow Star Scarlett Johansson Wants To Be Seen as an Actor, Not a 'Bombshell' - Infuriated After Being Forced To Play 'Objects of Desire'
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Everyone who knows about the Hollywood industry also possesses knowledge of who Scarlett Johansson is. Being one of the top female superstars of the industry, she is known to be one of those few talented individuals who can bring life to a character with just her natural charm and talent. Apart from her skills, she is also quite popular with hordes of admirers that praise her unearthly beauty and badass aura.

Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson

But with her gorgeous looks, she has also faced many challenges and hardships in the industry from a young age when she first set foot in Hollywood as a child actor. She had revealed countless times before how her looking a certain way led her to have a certain image in the industry as a “Bombshell” star, and how all the films she had done in the past were also major factors in awarding her with that moniker.

Scarlett Johansson Doesn’t Want To Be Just A Bombshell Actor

Scarlett Johansson opens up about her personal life.
Scarlett Johansson opens up about her professional life.

The world knows what Scarlett Johansson is capable of with her godly charms, and with what they have seen first-hand in all the films she had done in the past, they also know that beauty isn’t the only god gift she possesses. Playing diverse roles in a number of different films in these past few years, she has proved that she is more than a pretty face, but still, she has to live with the fact that she is termed a “Bombshell” for a reason.


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Typically, a “Bombshell” is referred to an actor, typically female,  who is popular in the industry and beyond for her unmatched beauty, well-endowed physique, and a kind of sensual aura around them. All these qualities are a perfect match to describe the Lucy actress, however, she reveals that most of her image of the said moniker comes from her being groomed in a certain way by her talent agency and the rest of the industry during her early days.

She said that her looking a little older than her age when she was just starting off in the industry as a child actor was one of the reasons why she was put in a box to fit the description of a bombshell. She also revealed that most of the time, young women in the industry are objectified in the industry, which sets the tone for the rest of their careers, which is what happened with her. Later, with the help of her agent and a few friends in the industry, she was able to diversify into different roles. She said:


“I was playing the other woman and objects of desire,” Johansson explained, “and I suddenly found myself cornered in this place and I couldn’t get out of it.”

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How Did Black Widow Change Her Image?

Scarlett Johansson in her solo MCU film, Black Widow
Scarlett Johansson in her solo MCU film, Black Widow

With Scarlett Johansson entering the MCU as Agent Black Widow, one of the original six Avengers in 2012 The Avengers, she was made out to be a whole different person altogether. Although she still possessed those “Bombshell” traits for her role as a super spy working for S.H.I.E.L.D, she wasn’t confined to that role, showing off her insane ability to execute any number of dangerous and deadly assignments that came her way, making her a certified badass of the industry.

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