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‘Black Widow’ Trailer Reveals First Look at Taskmaster

With Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home marking the end of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third phase, fans have been enthusiastic for the kick-off of the much-awaited Phase 4, beginning with the anticipated Black Widow movie.

Earlier this week, Marvel dropped the first official teaser trailer for Black Widow starring Scarlet Johansson. She will reprise her role as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow along with Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Rachel Weisz as Melina, David Harbour as Red Guardian and O-T Fagbenle as Mason.

In the trailer, we get to have a quick look on Taskmaster, one of Marvel Comic’s most lethal villains. For those who are not familiar, Tony Masters a.k.a. Taskmaster debuted in Avengers #195 in 1980 and was created by David Michelinie and George Perez.

Taskmaster is gifted with photographic reflexes. This unique ability allows him to imitate, learn and master the skills of anyone he sees in action. He can also predict movements which lets him plan his counterattacks in advance.

While the villain’s integration in the movie’s plot is not yet clear, actor David Harbour who plays Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian assured that we will have a better opportunity to explore Black Widow’s story following the events after Civil War.

“It’s great because you get to go back a little bit in time with her, right?” Harbour stated. “And you get to explore these events and that’s one of the things that was interesting to me in the movie was because you know the events of Endgame, so you get to explore how she got there and how she got there to make that choice.”

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Despite the hype brought by the trailer, fans are not-so-happy with Taskmaster’s look. Hopefully, we get to see more footages of Taskmaster in action in the next trailers and perhaps a little tweak on his costume to match his formidable character.

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