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Blade Reboot Rumored to Have Found Its Director in A24 Studios’ Elegance Bratton, Leaves Fans Unhappy For Not Getting Chad Stahelski

Blade Reboot

The MCU’s highly-anticipated reboot of the famous vampire slayer has already been shifted from its initial release date due to the plethora of production problems it has been facing. And now that Bassam Tariq has erased his name as the project’s director, the film is rendered with a whole new can of worms that needs to be dealt with.

Blade Reboot, starring Mahershala Ali instead of Wesley Snipes.

However, rumors have started to surface with regard to a possible new director for the film, and it doesn’t look like fans are with Marvel on this one.

Elegance Bratton rumored to be the new Blade director

Lizzie Hill from The Cosmic Circus recently paved the way for a lot of speculation among fans as she revealed the possibility of Blade having found its new director.

Although this is by no means the official word and Hill herself can’t confirm it, she claimed that there has apparently been a lot of chatter about Elegance Bratton directing the upcoming movie in the wake of Bassam Tariq resigning from the role. But if this were to be true, then it would mean a no-go for Chad Stahelski to attach his name to the film.

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Elegance Bratton
Elegance Bratton

The director of The Inspection (2022), Elegance Bratton is an American filmmaker but not someone who has been widely heard of. Whereas Stahelski is a relatively more recognized entity and has directed the all-time-favorite movie, John Wick, as well as served as a second-unit director for Captain America: Civil War.

Not only that, but the popular stuntman had also openly expressed his views about wanting to direct Blade. “I don’t know if I fit that kind of studio mold, but Blade would be the one interesting thing I’d like to do,” Stahelski had mentioned. But Kevin Feige seems to have handed the role to someone else.

However, now that the position is reportedly still not filled, there could be a chance for Stahelski, given Bratton doesn’t beat him to it.

Fans disapprove of Elegance Bratton as Blade‘s new director

Even though these are mere rumors, Marvel fans are still unhappy with the possibility of Bratton directing the film instead of the Nemesis 2: Nebula actor, who not only showed his outright interest in the role but is also relatively more familiar with the layout of the MCU. Fans fear that handing this opportunity to someone who is new in the arena might not be the best idea.

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Director Chad Stahelski
American filmmaker, Chad Stahelski

While there are a few people who seem to be excited about this new development, the majority of fans are not even aware of who Bratton is, and don’t seem to be all too thrilled with the idea of Marvel hiring someone “unknown” to direct such an important movie.

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Fans are convinced that they don’t want to see any new faces as Blade‘s director, least of all someone who hasn’t played a significant role in the MCU ever before.

Fans’ weariness with Marvel suddenly taking someone so new and relatively less experienced on board is justified to an extent. It seems like a rather rash decision, but then again, Bratton could also be just one of the candidates for the director’s position.

More concrete information about the same is yet to be given from the franchise’s end.

Blade‘s release has been shifted to September 6, 2024.

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