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Blade: Strongest Marvel Comics Vampires That Could Be In The Movie, Ranked

Blade will finally give us what the MCU had been hinting at for so long – Marvel Comics Vampires. But which of the Marvel Comics Vampires should we expect to see in the film?

Hannibal King Is One Of The Midnight Sons

Hannibal King

The man known as Hannibal King was turned into a vampire by Deacon Frost. Like Blade, Hannibal King has taken an oath to never consume human blood and to never kill humans. He devotes his entire eternal life to finding the person who turned him into a monster. The guy is well-versed in magic and can also turn into mist and a wolf at will. He may not be the strongest in terms of pure brute strength but he more than makes up for it in skill.

Michael Morbius Is The Living Vampire

Michael Morbius

Morbius was a geneticist and genius level scientist suffering from a rare medical condition. He tried using experimental technology developed after studying bats to cure himself. The result was Morbius did cure himself but ended up turning himself into a vampiric monster. Unlike the other Marvel Comics Vampires who are turned by pre-existing vampires, Morbius became a vampire on his own. His ability to adapt to any situation and his unique intelligence make him a threat of epic proportions. Now that Sony and the MCU are betrothed, we may see Morbius jump over to the MCU for the Blade movie.

Nina Price Is Part Werewolf & Part Vampire

Vampire By Night

She is the niece of the supernatural Marvel superhero – Werewolf By Night. Because of inheriting the family curse that runs through her blood, Nina became a lycanthrope when she turned 18. While searching for a cure, she was bitten by a vampire. Nina possesses the abilities typical to all Marvel Comics Vampires. She can also turn into a werewolf at will. Like Blade, she is not vulnerable to sunlight. She still consumes human blood though.

Xarus Is The Most Ruthless Of All Marvel Comics Vampires


The vampire Xarus is Dracula‘s son. He grew weary of his father’s rule that he considered outdated and obsolete. So he staked his own father and usurped the throne. Xarus may look like a normal vampire but he has the brains of a criminal mastermind. No one can be as deceptive and cunning as him. His strategic acumen always keeps him three to four steps ahead of his enemies. He considers every situation and scenario like a game of chess. He predicts his opponents’ moves and makes his next course of actions accordingly. To top it off, he has all the supernatural abilities and the ruthlessness of his father. Xarus is one of the strongest Marvel Comics Vampires after his dad.

Varnae – The First Vampire


Unlike the other Marvel Comics Vampires, Varnae does not have a human form. He has a monstrous bat-like appearance and a huge physique. Varnae can control all vampires and make them do his bidding. He was also the person who made Dracula his successor by passing on the curse of vampirism to him. Second only to Dracula in terms of power, Varnae decided to let Dracula rule in his stead by committing suicide. One of the Strongest Marvel comics Vampires went to a cliff and let the sun reduce him into dust.

Dracula Is The King Of Vampires


Straight from the pages of Bram Stoker’s works, Dracula is a bloodthirsty predator who has been a crucial part of the history of Marvel Comics Vampires. He has cut a bloody swath through Marvel history, leaving a trail of blood that could drown entire civilizations. His powers far exceed that of a normal vampire. He is also trying to create the Vampire Nation and rule all Marvel Comics Vampires from his throne in Transylvania. A major force of nature, Dracula has come at odds with many members of the Superhero community including Blade and the Avengers.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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