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“Bland performances from talented actors”: Tom Hanks’ Worst Movie Ever Only Earned $20 Million at Box Office Leaving His Fans in Disbelief

"Bland performances from talented actors": Tom Hanks' Worst Movie Ever Only Earned $20 Million at Box Office Leaving His Fans in Disbelief

With his portrayal of the endearing and lovable character Forrest Gump in the 1994 film of the same name, Tom Hanks gained worldwide recognition. He has since given exceptional performances and won two consecutive Academy Awards for Best Actor. However, it still doesn’t make him immune to flop films as he has a number of failed movies on his resume, one of which also includes the 2017 sci-fi drama The Circle, in which he stars alongside Emma Watson.

Tom Hanks in The Circle
Tom Hanks in The Circle

Based on Dave Eggers’ novel, The Circle failed at the box office, making only a little over $20 million at the domestic box office. Not just at the box office, critics were also not too impressed with the Oscar winner’s performance in the film.

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Tom Hanks’ Worst-Rated Film in His Decades-Long Career

Tom Hanks has been featured in many classics that have been both commercial and critical hits. Although no actor wishes for their work to flop and go to waste, it is something that almost every movie star is bound to face in their career. Hanks also had a number of films that were not able to live up to the audience and critics’ expectations.

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The Circle (2017)
The Circle (2017)

James Ponsoldt’s 2017 techno-thriller, The Circle, is also among some of those movies and holds a rotten status with a 16% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. The audience was also not very impressed with the film, giving it a 21% audience score.

The movie follows Mae Holland, who gets involved in an experiment with the biggest tech company in the world, only to realize its adverse effects. Critics described it as a “suspenseless thriller” and claimed that it is not “as smart as it wants” to be.

A still from The Circle
A still from The Circle

Others also said that the despite having actors like Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, The Circle is full of “bland performances from talented actors and boring direction from a very talented director.” The audience also expressed their disappointment as they described the film as “bleak and faded” and said that it was unable to convey the story it wanted to.


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Emma Watson’s Vulnerable Experience Working on The Circle

Emma Watson stars as Mae Holland in the 2017 film The Circle. Her character gets involved in an experiment at a tech company that aspires to change the world. However, in this experiment, she starts losing her privacy, ethics, and personal freedom, and every single decision made by her starts affecting her family and friends, along with others.

Emma Watson in The Circle
Emma Watson in The Circle

The Harry Potter star, who has been in the public eye from a very young age, shared that she had a venerable experience working on the film. “It was a very vulnerable experience for me to be in this movie. I felt very vulnerable watching it,” she shared. Watson also said that portraying Mae in the film was hard for her, but it was also meaningful.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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