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Blast From The Past: 20 Rare Pictures Of Your Favorite Celebrities

Blast From The Past 20 Rare Pictures Of Your Favorite Celebrities

Time does change everything. Be it their works, appearances, or life altogether. All well-known celebrities today were once not so famous individuals (just like you and me) and perhaps had totally normal lives. While some of these celebs have managed to find the formula for the anti-aging elixir, others have changed beyond recognition. But just like wine, they all have aged to perfection. Let us take a glips at your favorite celebrities’ past before they took the road to stardom and made their way to the red carpet.


1. Robin Williams In His Final Year Of High School In 1969 (


1 20

The world suffered a great loss with the passing of Robin Williams. As a kid, Robin pursued political science before realizing it was not his subject and dropped out of it to join acting. He studied theatre for three years at the College of Marin in California. He worked as a busboy and tended a bar before making his way up in the industry.

2. Keanu Reeves Circa 1984 (20-years-old)

2 17

Imagine what would have happened if Keanu Reeves actually went ahead with his Ice Hockey profession and became a professional player. I can’t even imagine seeing someone else in The Matrix series or the John Wick chapters. But thankfully he decided to become an actor. (phew) He even tried his hand on music and formed a rock band called Dogstar in 1991.

3. Morgan Freeman In The United States Air Force Between 1955 And 1959

3 18

Morgan Freeman started performing as a child actor at the age of 9 years. At the age of 12, he won a state-level drama competition and performed in a radio show during his high school. Freeman enlisted in the US Air Force even though he received a partial drama scholarship from Jackson State University. After his service, he studied arts at Los Angeles City College while working as a transcript clerk there.

4. Joe Biden Circa 1968 ( 26-years-old)

4 17

Other than being a basketball and football player, Joe Biden was also the class president during his school days. Before he started practicing Law at Delaware he worked as a clerk at a law firm. He gave almost 36 years to the United States Senate before he was appointed the Vice President and now President.

5. Jim Carrey Circa 1980 (18-years-old)

5 15

Coming from a financially stressed family, Jim Carry and John worked as security guards and janitors at a tire company. During which Jim Carry dropped out of school to perform as a comedian in downtown Toronto. He eventually gained fame for his work while touring and doing television.

6. Susan Sarandon Circa 1963 (17-years-old)


Before her career took up, Susan Saradon did all sorts of jobs to make a living while in college. Studying theater, Sarandon would clean houses, cut hair, work as a switchboard operator to support herself.

7. Peter Dinklage Circa 1980s (Teen)

7 15

After watching the play True West written by Sam Shepard, Dinklage decided his career path and studied drama at Bennington College. After struggling for many years Dinklage finally got his big break in the 2003 movie The Station Agent.

8. Tom Hanks Circa 1974 (18-years-old)

8 16

After reading and watching Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh, Tom Hanks decided to become an actor. He enrolled in the theatre program at California State University and performed or worked backstage. Eventually, Hanks dropped out of college and gave many auditions until he landed some small roles.

9. Dwayne Johnson Circa 1987 (15-years-old)

9 15

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has made quite a few career switches. Making a name for himself in sports, The Rock first playing football professionally. After graduation though he became a professional wrestler. He was quite the star by the late 1990s and was offered roles in movies.

10. Nirvana Circa 1990

10 16

Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic were school buddies and after three years formed the band. The duo was later joined by Dave Grohl as the drummer.

11. Sean Connery Circa 1946 (The Royal Navy)

11 13

Sean Connery joined The Royal Navy at the age of 16, prior to which he worked as a milkman. After being discharged, Sean tried his hand on all sorts of jobs. From a Lorry driver to a coffin polisher, he worked very hard to make his ends meet. Until finally he started playing roles as extras and crawled his way up in the industry.

12. Angelina Jolie Circa 1991 (16-years-old)

12 13

Angelina Jolie was inspired to become an actress from a young age. After attending the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute Jolie studied drama at New York University. She worked as a model and featured in several music videos before becoming the global star that she is today.

13. Christoph Waltz Circa 1975 (32-years-old)

13 13

Before becoming an actor, Christoph Walts tried his luck at being a singer as he always fancied it. Specifically an opera one. However, after realizing he was not made for the job, Walts started working as a stage actor and even directed a German TV production.

14. Eminem Circa 1980s (teen)

14 13

Eminem started rapping at the age of 14. The initial songs which introduced him to his career were Reckless by Ice-T, Chris “The Glove” Taylor & David Storrs. Though his first album was a commercial failure, he rose to fame after his second album Slim Shady EP.

15. Lady Gaga Circa 2000 (teen)

15 11

Lady Gaga started learning piano at the age of 4. During her teen years, she performed at open mics and performed in clubs while studying in New York. That’s when she was noticed by a talent scout which helped her reach new heights in her music career.

16. Bob Marley Circa 1964 (19-years-old)

16 10

Bob Marley and his friend Neville Livingston (Bunny Wailer) started their musical journey together. The duo met Higgs and Wilson and formed a band called Teenagers, later changing to The Wailers.

17. Christian Bale Circa 1990 (16-years-old)

17 10

Starting young, Christian Bale’s first-ever TV appearance was in a fabric softener Lenor 1982. Two years later he made his first stage debut in The Nerd with Rowan Atkinson. His first movie was Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.

18. Jennifer Aniston Circa 1986 (17-years-old)

18 8

While working in Off-Broadway production, Jennifer Aniston also worked part-time jobs. From telemarketer to a waitress, Aniston pulled off many jobs before she was finally offered her first role for Molloy.

19. Tommy Lee Jones Circa 1965 (19-years-old)

19 9

Tommy Lee Jones attended a boarding school in Dallas on a football scholarship. His interest in acting was ignited from school and continued to his college days at Havard. While playing he also performed in college theatre productions.

20. Quentin Tarantino Circa 1983 (20-years-old)

20 9

Quentin Tarantino was interested in movies from a young age. He worked as an usher at an adult theatre at the age of 15. Later he worked as a recruiter in the aerospace industry after which he worked at a video store for 5 years. From there he learned a lot and ended up in the movie-making profession.

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