Bleach: 6 Shinigami Who Can Beat Luffy Without Gear 5

6 Shinigami Who Can Beat Luffy Without Gear 5
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According to several research sources, most of the Bleach characters possess abilities capable of wrecking planetary bodies, and most of the Shinigamis are over 100+ years we are talking about immortality here, meanwhile, the world of One Piece has mortal characters who live and die just like in the real world. The strongest pirate ever to live, Gol D. Roger was executed brutally by the Marines. But let’s not fixate on that and charge through this with an equalizer.


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Bleach Universe vs One Piece Universe

Bleach Universe would overpower the One Piece Universe even though One Piece has some amazing powerful characters whereas characters in Bleach are true monsters and immortals. Additionally, Even if some Bleach characters didn’t manage to defeat the major players of One Piece in a single swoop, they have an upper hand in a long-term battle. Here are six Shinigami who can Beat Luffy without Gear 5.


6. Shunsui Kyoraku

Shunsui Kyoraku is extremely laid back and easygoing in most cases but eventually, fans have learned that he is one of the most feared Captains. In case Luffy faces his Shunsui’s Shikai, he might have to play all his cards and uses all his wits to turn the cards over including hiding in shadows and another where the rate of casualty is defined by calling out a colour on the foe’s body.

Shunsui Kyoraku Bleach Shinigami
Shunsui Kyoraku is one of the most feared Captains and Shinigami in Bleach.

Shusui’s Bankai is a whole lot worse because if Luffy tries to wound him, he will receive the same fatal wounds and in the second stage of Shunsui, black spots will appear on Luffy’s skin and will ooze blood from them. In the next stage, Luffy will drown and we all know that Devil Fruit Users lose the ability to swim as a part of an ancient curse that passes on to everyone who has eaten a Devil Fruit. And the Final stage is gothic, a thread will wrap around Luffy’s head and blow it off instantly.

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5. Kenpachi Zaraki

The Kenpachi we know today might beat Luffy without Gear 5. Luffy might be swifter and massively strong than any average human and could barely destroy a small island. Noting further that Kenpachi is not human and is a Shinigami! Zaraki can easily slit a meteor (one that was more sizeable than Fugitora’s) he often destroys his surroundings with merely his presence when he removes his eyepatch. He was able to survive in the vacuum space and defeated a reality bender who could make anything possible with his psychic abilities. Whereas Luffy lacks resistance to cutting weapons and durability concerning Zaraki.

Kenpachi Zaraki Shinigami Soul Society
Kenpachi Zaraki is one of the strongest and most feared Shinigami in the soul society.

4. Ichibei Hyosube

Ichibei Hyosube unique ability
Ichibei Hyosube is the leader of the Zero Division of the Soul Society
Ichibei is an accomplished calligrapher when he uses his weapon he can cut through the meaning of the name. If he lands a blow on Luffy’s arm, he can reduce the physical capabilities of his arm by half if he cuts its name to Ar.

3. Genryusai Yamamoto

Genryusai Yamato is the founder of Shino Academy and one of the most powerful swordsmen in Bleach. His Zanpakuto is the oldest and most powerful fire type Zanpakutos in the Soul Society, its offence is so powerful that Luffy probably won’t see it in its Bankai form. Shikai’s special ability is that when released, the fire envelopes the blade changing its aura, incinerating everything in its range and changing it to ashes. Everything will blaze in a firestorm and the heat will parch through the sky and consume the clouds. Luffy will probably melt in his non-Gear 5 transformation.

Genryusai Yamamoto Shino Academy swordsmen.
Genryusai Yamamoto is the founder of Shino Academy and one of the most powerful swordsmen.
It is believed that the flames of Zanka no Tachi, the final form of his Bankai could eventually incinerate the entirety of his opponent, Soul Society and even Yamamoto if left active for too long.

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2. Sosuke Aizen

Luffy has overpowered some of the most powerful foes in his universe, but none of them compares to Sosuke Aizen who gained some degree of immortality with his interaction and subsequent fusion with the Hogyoku and regenerate himself almost instantly. He can easily defeat a variety of different Anime Heroes. His genius and elite swordsmanship makes him undefeated in this conversation.

Sosuke Aizen immoratal Shinigami
Sosuke Aizen is an immortal Shinigami who can manipulate all five senses of his foes.
Aizen possesses the power of complete hypnosis, allowing him to manipulate all five senses of his challenger. In this situation, he can command Luffy to attack his crew and then finish them off.

1. Ichigo Kurosaki

It is prominent that a battle between Ichigo Kurosaki and Monkey D. Luffy would be the most epic saga in anime history. The protagonist of Bleach and One Piece both are reputed and excellent fighters, but they have opposite personalities. When it comes to Luffy, we are aware that he is resilient and an excellent fighter with amazing willpower. On the other hand, Ichigo Kurosaki has fought a diverse set of opponents which gives him an upper hand in most battles.

Ichigo Kurosaki Shinigami/ Quincy
Ichigo Kurosaki has a unique Shinigami/ Quincy ability making him a noteworthy character.
Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, Zangetsu is one of the most feared in the series in addition he also has a unique Shinigami/ Quincy ability while accessing Hollow, Vizored, and Fullbringer powers in combination making him exceptionally powerful. Although Luffy is super fast and thanks to his observation Haki can dodge any number of sword attacks. He can even dodge Getsuga Tenshō with Gear Second or Forth.

From this perspective, it is the most debatable topic, as both guys are immensely powerful and the outcome might be determined by pure fate for either of them. Or probably they would end up exhausting each other and end up in a tie. Luckily for the fandom, they are among the good guys.


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