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Blind Diablo 4 Gamer Breaks New Record for the RPG

Diablo 4

Diablo 4, the newest smash-hit RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment, and the fourth main installment in the wildly popular Diablo series, has made history for a specific fan, as it’s the first game where someone with a disability has completed the game without any signed help.

Ty “Tyleniphe” is the first blind person to beat the notoriously hard game without using any sighted assistance, a huge milestone for those with disabilities like Ty.

Accessibility, especially for those with disabilities, has grown exponentially across the gaming community. As awareness has grown, corporations such as Blizzard Entertainment and Sony Entertainment, have worked to incorporate practices and designs to help those that have certain conditions which make gaming hard.

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These practices and designs include tweaks to screen reader support, better audio, and even specialized controllers that help those with certain disorders. 

Disability and Gaming – No Longer Just a Dream With Diablo 4

Ty is the first blind individual to beat Diablo 4 - without any assistance
Ty is the first blind individual to beat Diablo 4 – without any assistance

Ty’s disability, “optic nerve entropy”, has affected him since a young age. Growing up, most of the games he wanted to play simply did not have proper tools to accommodate his visual disability.

His friends and family had to help him by reading the prompts of the game, or telling him what was going on and where to go. Despite the help and his appreciation for those who helped him, he still found it difficult to enjoy games like most do, such as navigating and targeting enemies.

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Features such as enhanced audio have helped Ty navigate the worlds that video games can provide. Ty cites Sony Entertainment’s highly popular The Last of Us 2, as a huge step forward for those who need accessibility help.

Later on, he says that he saw another step forward to accessibility help in God of War Ragnarok, and he now feels Diablo 4 has taken it to another level. 

What Blizzard Entertainment and Diablo 4 Have Done Differently

Diablo 4 has stepped up to the challenge and brought several accessibility features to gamers.
Diablo 4 has stepped up to the challenge and brought several accessibility features to gamers.

Blizzard Entertainment’s attention to detail on accessibility is not only one of the best anyone has seen in gaming in recent years, but also a huge step forward and a building block for future gaming accessibility to those needing help.

Options for helping those who are blind or have low vision are there, but also options for those who are both able-bodied and those who are disabled.  

Diablo 4’s robust sound quality and screen reader support have allowed disabled players to truly navigate the environment and fight enemies the way Blizzard Entertainmentintended all players to truly enjoy the game.

Each enemy attack, each little bit of loot and collectible, and even background noises and characters in specific zones have individual sounds. These help those with disabilities to get a feel of where they are and how to collect, fight, and navigate the game.

Without these features, Ty says it would be almost impossible for him to not only complete the game, but enjoy it like the rest of his friends do. 

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The future of gaming for those who have disabilities seems brighter and brighter each day. Sony and Microsoft both recently released an adaptive controller for those with disabilities, which shows how far accessibility has come. 

But controllers aren’t the only thing that makes this future brighter – accessibility menus like Diablo 4’s are also helping those that need it.

With gaming becoming more popular every year, it will be no surprise when we see better features and tools to help those who want to embrace and get into the wonderful world of gaming that millions, including myself, love.

What do you think of the impressive fact that this blind gamer was able to complete Diablo 4 because of accessibility options? Should more titles be doing this? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

Source: IGN

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Written by Hamilton Jones