Blizzard Just Gave Fans Their First Look At BlizzCon 2023!

Blizzard Just Gave Fans Their First Look At BlizzCon 2023!
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BlizzCon 2023 looks to be a very exciting time ahead for fans who have already gotten tickets. It is looking to be an action-packed couple of days full of goodies and surprises. Blizzard has released a few little snippets of what fans should expect while attending BlizzCon 2023. As it has been two years since the last BlizzCon, there is a sense of excitement around this event.


Blizzard Entertainment is an American video game developer and publisher. They have brought us their most dominant franchise, several sequels to Warcraft, which includes the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, adored by millions. Alongside this massive game, we have the likes of Diablo, StarCraft, and Overwatch. The original brand, Activision Blizzard, was founded in 1991.

What To Expect From BlizzCon 2023

BlizzCon 2023
Is BlizzCon 2023 going to be as good as BlizzCon 2019?

Blizzard has confirmed a few of the events to expect from the two-day extravaganza. Blizzcon 2023 is on November 2–4, whose timings have not been released yet, and it is being held at Anaheim Convention Center. One of the main attractions of the two-day event appears to be the opening ceremony, where all of the new content will be exposed. They appear to be focusing heavily on community events, as this is the first in-person BlizzCon in four years.


Many of the events look fascinating. Not only are there newer events, but they are also sticking to tradition when it comes to the likes of the March of the Murlocks. They have also announced that you can watch the Overwatch World Cup. Within any event like this, there will be a stage to try out upcoming content for Dragonflight and Classic.

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Many fans will be anticipating the new character reveal for Overwatch. Blizzard is not giving too much away in regards to what is happening over the two-day event. But they are giving away enough to keep fans wanting more and also encourage fans to buy tickets if they haven’t already. Also, if you attend in person, you get a free Blizzard backpack. Blizzard has just released a third wave of tickets that go on sale today.


Blizzard has changed its tickets slightly this year. Not only do they have in-person tickets, but they also have a digital option, which they are now calling BlizzCon Collection. Not only will you get to see a variety of panels and developer talks, but you will also get some gifts that include in-game goodies from Blizzard’s many products. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed what you will receive, but goodies nonetheless. Amongst the vendors, you will be able to get a Diablo 4-themed tattoo.

Are you going to BlizzCon in person or digitally? Are you excited? let us know in the comments.



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