One Main Boss, Lots of Glitches and a Lag Switch is all it Took One Player to Complete Bloodborne in the Most Insane Way

One Bloodborne player does what was once considered impossible as they complete Bloodborne after only killing one boss.


  • Amazing gamers defeat Bloodborne in one of the most interesting ways possible.
  • It took a lag switch, two PS4's, and a special glitch to complete Bloodborne in a special way.
  • After days of trying, one player manages to beat Bloodborne after only killing one boss.
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Have you ever wondered what it would take to complete Bloodborne without killing a single boss in the entire game? Well, you no longer need to ask that question as YouTuber Ymfah has now created a guide that was released a few days ago giving detailed instructions as to how they managed to complete Bloodborne, but in this guide they only defeated one boss.


Gamers are always looking for a challenge, and for a game like Bloodborne, there will always be some kind of challenge that a player is willing to take up. Whether they are looking to defeat a boss with just their fists, no healing items, no damage runs, no death runs, and many more, beating the game by essentially not playing the game is a rather new and impressive feat, but now somehow they have managed just that.

Please keep in mind that even though one player does actually complete the game during this guide, it will require two characters to complete the guide, so please keep this in mind if you are looking to attempt this insanity.


How Has This Bloodborne Player Managed to Complete the Game While Only Defeating One Boss?

How to Beat Bloodborne in 1 Boss

Now to say this guide is completely insane and most likely took plenty of days, weeks, and months to figure out is a complete understatement, especially since there are a lot of moving parts and odd systems that are in play. However, for anyone to complete this feat, it is something only a genius or a madman can do, and either way, we are here for it.

Please keep in mind that this guide is rather difficult to explain in words, as there is a lot of technical information that many gamers wouldn’t understand, but we will attempt to keep to the most relevant information that we can in this explanation.


If you are lucky enough to have a friend that plays Bloodborne and is willing to essentially kill you a few times while also using a lag switch, as they play on a PS4 version of the game,. This will be detrimental if you are willing to follow the guide above, as it mainly requires a specific glitch in the PS4 version of the game.

To follow this guide, the player who is looking to complete Bloodborne will have to make their way through the game till they arrive just before Gascoine, in which case they head to the sewers below where the horrible massive pig is, and this is where our adventure begins.

There is an edge in this tunnel, which usually leads to a fall to your death, just like these players, if you and your invader friend manage to get into the same world and also manage to have such a bad connection that when the player who is looking to beat the game without killing a boss looks at a wall close to the edge and then gets backstabbed.

One Incredible Bloodborne player completes the game while only killing one boss.
One Incredible Bloodborne player completes the game while only killing one boss.

After being backstabbed, there will be a slight delay on the invaders game, which makes it look like their backstab doesn’t work, and once the backstab animation activates, the main player walks off the map to their death, and the invader does a second backstab to the lagged character, which will actually cause the main player to teleport back onto the surface rather than dying.

This leads the main character to have an overhead camera rather than an over-the-shoulder perspective, which means that the glitch has in fact worked. After this glitch has been activated, it will allow you to essentially act like a ghost, allowing you to walk past the boss without triggering it, and then closing and opening the game to bring you back to life behind the boss room.

Even though this is such a convoluted tactic to avoid playing Bloodborne, it is a rather intelligent glitch that will allow you to skip nearly all the bosses, as currently Margo’s Wet Nurse has no known way to skip it, making this the closest anyone will get to completing Bloodborne without killing a single boss.


What do you think about this incredible glitch that allows you to skip 95% of Bloodborne? Will you be giving it a go, or is it too much for you? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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